The Law Office of Valery Nechay at San Francisco, CA, interpreted California’s C.A.R.E. Act for the public

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, May 20, 2020 /Neptune100/ — The Law Office of Valery Nechay, a full-service law firm from San Francisco serving the nine bay area counties, has announced that the firm will be focusing on California’s C.A.R.E. Act law, in addition to other practice areas. This law firm also focuses on criminal defense, civil rights litigation, and cannabis law practice areas.

California’s C.A.R.E. Act (Consumer Arrest Record Equity Act, Senate Bill 393,) came into effect On January 1, 2018. This law seals arrest records for those who have been arrested but not convicted of a crime. That means that the previously public arrest record will now be private information that will not show up on criminal background checks.

Those who were arrested but ultimately not charged with a crime are eligible for relief under this law. In addition, those who were arrested, charged, and whose charges were dismissed or who were acquitted are also eligible, as well as those who were arrested, charged, but who completed drug diversion, other diversions, or deferred entry of judgment.

Explaining the C.A.R.E. Act, the spokesperson for The Law Office of Valery Nechay said, “Under the C.A.R.E. Act 2018 law, the petitioner can have their arrest record sealed as a matter of right. It also prohibits anyone from disseminating information related to the sealed arrest. It imposes a civil fine between $500-$2,500 per violation of those who violate this law. Contact the Law Office of Valery Nechay now for a free consultation to determine whether you qualify for having your arrest records sealed.”

However, if an arrestee’s record demonstrates a pattern of conduct, such as five or more prior arrests for criminal offenses including domestic violence, child abuse, or elder abuse, then a petition for sealing a record may only be granted upon a showing that the sealing of the arrest will be in the interest of justice.

Although there is no expiration date to pursue this relief, an individual becomes eligible as a matter of right after the Statute of Limitation lapses for the given offense they were arrested. A competent attorney like Valery Nechay can help eligible persons obtain this relief.

Valery Nechay is a San Francisco-based criminal defense and civil rights attorney. Before launching her own practice, she worked at Gasner Criminal Law and Office of the Public Defender, San Francisco as a Law Clerk.

Valery Nechay obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology & Minor in Legal Studies University of California, Santa Cruz. Afterward, she got her Juris Doctor degree from the University of San Francisco School of Law. She is a member of Florida State Bar, California State Bar, and Minnesota Bar Association.

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The Law Office of Valery Nechay is a full-service law firm located in San Francisco and serving the nine bay area counties. My practice areas include criminal defense, civil rights litigation, and cannabis law.