Toby Evans of SageBrush Exchange is launching her all-new Podumentary series this month. Covering decades of work, this new show aims to inspire, guide and support listeners through passages of change while entertaining audiences.

SIBLEY, MO, December 21, 2019 /Neptune100/ — There is a moment in the new podumentary series, “Soul-Bridge with Toby Evans,” where Ms. Evans tells of a past life experience as a young, Native American girl whose family was slaughtered by Union soldiers. With her village set ablaze and little recourse, Sagewind, the sudden and unexpected protagonist of this episode, does something that will have water coolers buzzing for the rest of the year into 2020. (Do people still talk at water coolers?)

Toby Evans, the owner and operator of SageBrush Exchange has over 30 years of experience combining professional trainings, spiritual practices, and her intuitive skills (Sage) with her personal creative expressions (Brush). Over three decades, she has served as a guide to inspire and support hundreds of clients through their own passages of change, providing clarity and awareness from the soul’s perspective.

Having taught art in the Dubuque, IA public school system, Toby established SageBrush Exchange in 1987, initially as an Art studio. Sharing her own spiritual explorations, she began offering workshops, incorporating art with Shamanic teachings. By 2000, her interest in soul-retrievals led her to the field of hypnotherapy. She is now certified as a Past Life hypnotherapist, a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) practitioner, a Life Between Lives Spiritual Regressionist (LBL) and an Akashic Record Consultant.

Her skills have expanded to offer clients Soul-Bridge Crossing Sessions, assisting individuals who may have energy attachments resulting from the loss of loved ones, friends, strangers or even past life aspects who have died, but have not fully crossed over. Toby helps her clients discover the underlying wounds to clarify and compassionately clear the issues that may be holding the souls here, helping them (and the client) move on with an unburdened soul.

Eager to expand her audience, Toby is now launching a brand new Podumentary online series to bring her skills and knowledge to a wider audience than ever. The highly-anticipated program is officially premiering on an all-new website, SageBrush Plus, which has been specifically designed to cover all media for SageBrush as well as promote press events, and all SageBrush related happenings—and there’s no shortage of that these days!

The opening episode of “Soul-Bridge with Toby Evans” will be unveiled on December 20, 2019, and those who’ve already seen it have promised there is plenty to be excited about. As explained earlier in this article, Ms. Evans will be dealing with the subject of past lives in a frank and fearless manner. The show’s producers, TSR News Group, have woven a tapestry of visuals which ebb and flow with the host’s words in an effort to capture the very essence of Toby’s experience. In advance of the actual interview which yielded the Soul-Bridge show’s content, a preliminary interview was conducted almost as an exercise for host and producers alike to get a feel for the new show’s potential, and to decide which direction it should take. Another goal of the written interview was to feature it right here, at the right time, in order to give fans an alternate view of what they can expect in Soul-Bridge the podumentary.

In 1982, you began a dialogue with the “unseen realms.” Transport us to that moment. What exactly happened? How did this journey begin?

I had been teaching Art for 8 years in a public-school system in Iowa. With my focus on teaching, my own art work had gone to a back burner, but in the summer of 1982, I committed to participate in an Art show by doing a series of nature assemblages. An assemblage is similar to a collage, but instead of using medium that is two-dimensional, it consists of gathering and putting together three-dimensional elements. The first piece involved cutting deciduous tree branches in different heights and widths (medallion-like) and combining them with fiber, paint and clay.

My work space was in our detached garage and when I needed a break, I would go jogging. Running was a moving meditation, allowing me to clear my head and reconnect with the stillness. On this particular run, instead of silence, my head was filled with articulate words coming from an inner voice that was clearly not my typical mind-chatter. It was speaking pointedly to situations I was dealing with and providing me with a bigger picture view. I listened, moved by a wisdom that was beyond me. By the time I returned home again, although grateful, I was also in disbelief, down-playing what had happened because I had no reference for it. As I started to go into the house to take a shower the ‘voice’ returned in my head, instructing me to go to my Art piece. Once there I heard the words:

“Look carefully at the whole design and then find the one object that represents you.”

My eyes were drawn to the pathways I had laid out using the tree slices. They were arranged between large sections of rug-punched fibers and macramé leading to a circular focal point made from fired clay. I suddenly saw this as an aerial view with the stepping stones of the branches serving as a winding roadway, cutting through a forest of foliage. The voice pulled me back from my mental field trip:

“Find yourself!”

This time my eyes were drawn to a single protruding oak slice pointing its gnarled finger shape directly at me. It was slightly removed from the other branches—a lone sentinel positioned outside the trail that wound around and through the design. It was so close, yet removed from the path that led to the heart of the piece. Grabbing a pencil, I wrote down what came next.

“You have spent years taking the outer paths, following the scenic routes, meandering here and there, afraid you might miss something, or be left out. The only path that matters is inside of you. It is so close, but you have to choose to take it. It will lead you to your center.”

I did not hear from the voice again until I finished gluing everything in place and the final resin coating was beginning to dry, and then this message came forward:

“Within each of us lies our center, a vortex of truth. Years are spent in the labyrinth of living, looking for the passageway to guide us in. We reach the apex of our journey when we clearly see—there is no return, but on the path that led us out.”

This was the beginning of opening the doorway to the ‘unseen realms’ and treading into territory beyond the accepted version of reality that had been guiding my life. I slowly began to trust the voice and write down the messages in journals (many of which became songs I would later record). The daily ‘correspondence’ was my introduction to multidimensional levels, promoting the uncharted journey of going within. This journey is detailed in my first book, Keeper of the Circles: Answering the Call to Wholeness. A CD of 11 of the inspired songs is included with the book.

Continue this exclusive interview in Part Two of this news article.