Founded by Alex Han, a student at Chadwick International, Piece of Talent is a government-certified non-profit organization committed to fighting discrimination and providing free tutoring to the underprivileged children

Seoul, South Korea — Even though traditional tutoring services are provided in many places, it can be pretty challenging to commit to the conventional method for an extended time. Alex Han, a student at Chadwick International(class of 2023), pointed out many flaws in the traditional system, including identifying students’ academic needs, assembling students, traveling time, and extensive workload. Back in 2018, Ms. Han came up with the idea of applying online class system to volunteering, to overcome these issues.  She visited and contacted over 30 orphanages and children’s centers to promote the idea and offer free tutoring. 

As most people were unaware of the online education system before COVID19, Ms. Han didn’t receive a positive response from most institutions at first, mostly due to the lack of knowledge and devices such as laptops or tablet PCs.  However, the understanding of online education has come a long way due to this pandemic. This increased understanding eliminated all doubts, and moreover, once the students started to take free classes online even before pandemic, the reactions were so positive.  Ms. Han was able to connect the class to the head of the multiple children’s welfare institutions which take care of children from low-income families or who do not have parents. Fast forward a few months, and now there are over 100 volunteers in the non-profit that are teaching more than 200 students from 7 different institutions. 

[Volunteers providing tutoring online and offline and donating face masks during the Covid19 pandemic.]

“It wasn’t easy to plan, schedule, and adjust schedules for more than dozens of teachers and 100 students at seven children’s centers and orphanages. Not just at the appointed time alone, and it took more time and effort than I thought,” Ms. Han mentions in a recent interview. “There are many other things to pay attention to besides actual class time, such as technical problems, time adjustment, and class content review. However, I think this experience is not only helpful not only for the students benefited from it but also for developing the abilities and virtues that I have as I grow from student to adult.”

Ms. Youngmi Oh, caregiver at Hyeneung Children’s Center in rural South Korea mentioned in the interview: “It was just really amazing to see how enthusiastic tutors were about their classes. What Piece of Talent is doing is giving us a great feeling and it makes us realize we are not alone in these difficult times. Our children actually are making so much progress through the help of these dedicating tutors. They are also benefited from the fact that some tutors from the United States or any other foreign countries, exchanging cultural differences and learning from each other. This is a factor I had not expected.”  Volunteers are also benefited from the program. Caleb Han, a student volunteer at Farragut High School, Tennessee, USA, said that “During the pandemic period, I was able to reach out not just my surrounding community but also globally, through Piece of Talent. It is a great experience.” Yubeen Lee said: “Piece of Talent helped me to realize how meaningful it is to educate others and seeing these fruitful results from my student is very worthwhile and purposeful.” “Beginning with the alphabets, I am delighted to see my student to make short sentences and simple conversations.” Nate Kim, a student at Chadwick International also says.

As this non-profit organization is expanding, it is now looking at a 1:1 sponsorship project to enable students with the proper equipment and attract more volunteers towards the platform. Along with the free tutoring, the members of this organization voice their concerns about racism, social prejudice, oppression, and violence to expand the general public’s awareness. Moreover, this organization maintains members from more than 30 high schools worldwide, including China, Singapore, California, Washington, New York and countries in Europe. 

With that said, Piece of Talent has undoubtedly gone through many challenging situations to become a beacon for many underprivileged children in South Korea. To learn more about this platform, use this link, Instagram: @pieceoftalent.

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