3D Bourne is a fun app that will allow you to generate a 3D cartoon using artificial intelligence, see it live on your table and interact with it by making it walk, run or jump.

LOS ANGELES, CA, April 02, 2020 /Neptune100/ — The story of 3D Bourne started after we have discovered the GAN neural network, a relatively new architecture in artificial intelligence. We decided to see if we can use it to create real-looking cartoon characters completely from scratch. After succeeding in generating unique cartoons from the engine, we decided to use augmented reality techniques to visualize the 3D characters live as if they were real physical objects. The result is an amazing experience where you can interact with a virtual object like it is a physical object. We can play combat games in 3D on the kitchen table with animated characters coming out of the console. This is truly a fantastic way to play virtual reality games simply with your mobile phone without the need for special or additional hardware.

Algokode a division of Neuron Edge Technologies LLC

AlgoKode is a software company, based in Los Angeles, specializing in the development of artificial intelligence solutions since 2015. 3D Bourne is a mobile app combining state of the art artificial intelligence with augmented reality to produce a new way of playing games with 3D characters. Algokode has created a unique 3D Cartoons AI-driven generator and a mobile application to see 3D cartoon characters live in your room, on your table or sofa.