Starting the year with adrenaline rush hot new single

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, December 24, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Star Music Group introduces the release of Sony Music Group/High Performance Worldwide’s International hip hop artist 2K Ponce Juno’s latest single titled, “Go Pretty Girl Remix,” featuring Beenie Man and Double K. The single is set to be released on January 15, 2021. 2K Ponce Juno released the original version of Go Pretty Girl in the spring of 2019. This remix is sure to have women rushing to the dance floor with its fresh Caribbean/Hip Hop vibe that permeates a room.

2K Ponce Juno delivers his lyrics with confidence. King Beenie Man focuses on that legendary flow that keeps his crown hanging high. To add a balance, to an already dynamic project, Jamaican Princess Double K delivers with a sexy yet assertive flow. The reminiscent sound of the 90’s resides in “Go Pretty Girl.” With its catchy hook, and melodic sounds, this song is a must have. 2K Ponce Juno’s music most certainly embodies a Caribbean, New York Flair. The energy he displays off and on stage is nothing short of electric, and his performance will have you mesmerized and asking for more. His most recent song, “Go Pretty Girl Remix,” was produced by Max. 2K Ponce Juno, King Beenie Man, and Double K enjoyed their recent visit together in Kingston, Jamaica. This single is all over the major Jamaican media markets, including the local newspapers and several radio stations. One local television show even aired the song. The recent interview with the trio was the first time they came together to talk about the song. The people there are loving the vibe.

MTV Rocks recently announced an interview of 2K Ponce Juno in their October 2020 article. This single project was completed at the same time King Beenie Man was releasing his new album titled, “Simma,” and recently premiered on Hot 97.1 by DJ Drewski, as well as your very own, DJ Digital Chris from Irie FM OCHOS Rios Jamaica, DJ Sean Fens from World Music Streaminn HUB Radio, DJ Motivatah and Suncity 104.9 FM, and DJ Sincere from DRTYBSMNT Radio. People from all over who hear this record fall instantly in love with it. It has been called a timeless song that the world will love for an exceptionally long time.

The name 2K Ponce Juno has already started to trend across the globe. 2K Ponce Juno clothes are the of unwavering sense of self and when hip hop was lit. 2k Ponce Juno, the entertainer, the fashion enthusiast, and unimpressed by the façade of fame, yet not opposed to embracing artist, who stand alone. His urban roots have become his armor, stoic his “inner stellar”. His presence in music and fashion mixed luxe streetwear hide his instinct that is where he belongs. He will not- he can not loose. Physical discipline, his unwavering sense of self and the visceral. The visual image in which 2K Ponce Juno presents to the world will exude the multifaceted spectrum in which his talent encompasses. Mickey Freeman, @ mickeyboooom celebrity stylist best said that 2K Ponce Juno’s fashion styling is a culmination of visual stimuli that compliments his artistic uniqueness that will mirror the massive scope of his talent.

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