BZB Express is excited to showcase its latest live video, recording, and broadcast equipment through its new brand BZBGEAR. As well, BZBGEAR carries essential devices for distributing AV signals and digital signage for businesses of all sizes.

SACRAMENTO, CA, May 06, 2020 /Neptune100/ — BZB Express, an established AV supplier of award-winning brands since 2005, is proud to launch BZBGEAR—their line of AV and broadcasting solutions. Born in 2019, BZBGEAR’s mission is simple: to offer quality AV products and services at the best price. Simple AV applications are sourced with genuine solutions that work. High-end projects require a more strategic approach and consultation. BZBGEAR offers straightforward knowledge and experience to guide clients towards the right path.

“Partnering with esteemed brands allowed us to learn about the industry and advances in product technology, but most importantly, to understand our customers better.” said CEO Eugene Bocharov.

BZB Express is excited to showcase its latest live video, recording, and broadcast equipment for the emerging live video industry through its new brand BZBGEAR. As well, BZBGEAR carries essential devices for distributing AV signals and digital signage for businesses of all sizes. BZBGEAR also provides meeting space presentation products integrating mobile devices for efficient collaboration.

BZBGEAR offers a two-year warranty on all products, a three-year warranty on all camera-related products. BZBGEAR also has a 60-day money-back guarantee and free technical support seven days a week.

Live Streaming and Recording

Live streaming and recording are more accessible than ever with present technology. Thanks to the internet and advanced smartphones, people around the world can broadcast what they want. With the challenges of 2020 forcing people to work from home, BZBGEAR’s new line of live stream, recording, and broadcasting equipment allows users to work from anywhere.

BZBGEAR offers media devices perfect for live streaming and recording. Devices such as PTZ cameras with remote control and live video streaming and recording capabilities. Also, media streaming devices that can take a video signal and stream it on any service such as YouTube, Facebook, ChurchStreaming, and even your website via an IP address. BZBGEAR’s live stream catalog carries devices ideal for broadcasting, content creators, schools, houses of worship, small businesses, and corporations.

Video Conferencing

An effective way of communicating with colleagues unable to meet in person is through video conferencing. Video conferencing uses webcams (integrated or external), microphones, speakers, and TV displays so you can collaborate, conveying visual tools and ideas.

The current BZBGEAR catalog continues to grow with webcams, microphones, and speakers for high-quality collaboration. Whether you require setup for an office or for working from home, the BZBGEAR selection caters to any application.


Sending an AV signal long distances is a common challenge in audiovisual. The BZBGEAR line of HDMI extenders over a Single Cat5e/6 cable reaches lengths of 50 meters to 150 meters. They are available for 1080p, 4K, and the emerging HDR resolution. Other standard features in many of their extenders are PoE (Power over Ethernet), IR and RS-232 control, ARC (Audio Return Channel), and audio de-embedding.

The BZBGEAR line of extenders also includes AV over IP (AVoIP). AV over IP is capable of distributing an HD input to one or more HD displays via a standard 1G network. For farther distances, BZBGEAR has optical fiber extenders capable of surpassing 1000 meters.

Splitters and Scalers

A traditional category in audiovisual is AV splitters and scalers. An AV splitter divides a single signal in 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, or more signals. A video scaler converts video signals from one display resolution to another. For example, upscaling 1080p to 4K.

BZBGEAR AV splitters are made in different video formats such as HDMI, DVI, VGA, and other multifunctional analog signals. They convert signals to travel over UTP/Cat5/6/7 or fiber, and many have built-in video scalers for compatibility with displays outputting different resolutions. BZBGEAR AV splitters and scalers are suitable for sports bars, restaurants, schools, conference and presentation settings, and home environments like game rooms or home theaters.


An AV switcher enables users to switch between multiple AV sources to one or more displays. A switcher’s design may include formats such as HDMI, DVI, VGA, composite, component, and analog/digital audio. Choosing the right switcher for a particular application is a challenge.

BZBGEAR AV switchers handle everything from home theater and academics to sports bar and stadium-quality applications. Their AV switchers adhere to the newest HDMI formats, resolution specs such as HDR, and standards in audiovisual.

About BZB Express

BZB Express is an established worldwide AV supplier located in Sacramento, CA. Exclusive relationships with manufacturers allow BZB Express to provide top-quality merchandise at the best prices. Their main headquarters is headed by a team of designers, sales, and integrators, as well as houses a large-capacity warehouse. BZB Express believes in commitment to excellent service and delivering dependable products with efficiency.