The latest glow game from Starlux Games will keep kids searching high and low to save the rainbow and have a great time doing it!

LOS ANGELES, CA, June 04, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Summer is going to look a little different this year, thanks to social distancing, but none of that means that kids can’t have fun without screens!

From its inception, Starlux Games has been reimagining classic games that many parents grew up with, adding elements of strategy and teamwork. The award-winning games of Capture the Flag REDUX, Glow Battle and others, have families off the sofa and tiring themselves out, by the light of the glow-in-the-dark accessories that come with every set.

While several Starlux Games are designed for players 8 years and up to run around outside, the creators wanted to expand the range for families to include a game that could be played indoors and with children as young as 4. This latest innovation is the fourth time that Starlux Games has used Kickstarter to launch a new game, and with over 80,000 games sold, it’s clear that this model has met with success.

The Latest Addition to Starlux Games: Protectors of the Rainbow

This treasure hunt inspired game is all about chasing down naughty Leprechauns, who have stolen all of the colors of the rainbow. So who can come to the rescue? The protector of the skies: Unicorns!

In this fun and interactive game, children from ages 4-10, with a number of players ranging from 2-7 kids, can transform into Unicorns and have a fun filled active game, searching for missing colors of the rainbow.

All they need is a cheeky Leprechaun to hide the rainbow gems all around the house. Then the Unicorns can run around searching for the gems, essential to return to the Cloud Light. Once all the gems are in place, the Cloud Light will glow and the game is won!

Each game set comes with:

• One Cloud Light
• 5 Removable Gems
• All Required Batteries

And when the kids are exhausted from their searching, use the cloud and gems as a nightlight until it’s time to play again!

Games like these are perfect to:

• Get the kids off their screens, off the sofa and running around, not by force but because they’re excited to play something new and interactive together.
• Encourage the kids to work together to find the gems, building teamwork skills. The game includes variations that will help kids think strategically to achieve a shared goal.
• Inspire imaginative play. After all, who hasn’t wanted to be a unicorn at some point? Fantasy and free play, with a little guidance from the game, will keep the kids active and engaged, using their imaginations and growing their creative streaks.

Check out this video that shows more about this fun new game:

Award Winning Fun:

Run by a small group of dedicated creators with a shared history in youth advocacy and nonprofit sector work, Starlux Games has created worlds for kids and adults to play, interact, work together and have fun, all in real time, all without screens.

Their efforts have been rewarded not only in the awards shown above, but in the joy given to countless families, bringing a whole new level of fun to family game night!

This latest game from Starlux Games is launching on Kickstarter on June 2nd: The game will be available on when the campaign finishes!

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