CEO, Frank Lunn and Founder/Animator Jae Chang launch new digital business with roots in YouTube fame.

LOS ANGELES, CA, March 27, 2020 /Neptune100/ — TOONBO, a popular YouTube channel for preschoolers and DVD series for approximately 15 years, has become TOONBO Entertainment, LLC. The uniqueness of this venture is that TOONBO started on the free digital YouTube video-sharing site and has evolved into a digital business without ever shouldering the cost of traditional beta testing, expensive equipment, or overhead. TOONBO reflects the organizational structure of today’s startups with access to international talent and customers through the internet. TOONBO is led by founder/animator, Jae Chang, and Chief Executive Officer, Frank Lunn with headquarters in Beverly Hills, California. The company’s executive team, designers, and writers are located across the country and around the world.

TOONBO is preparing for its first anniversary on April 29, 2020. Its first DVD release was recognized by the Dove Foundation for outstanding family-friendly content. Subsequent DVDs featured popular videos on the TOONBO YouTube Channel that have amassed over 150 million views. Children, parents, and grandparents continue to enjoy educational favorites “The Alphabet Song,” “The Number Song,” and “Seven Days of the Week”. Each music video stars one or more of TOONBO’s main characters: Toby (dog); Pia (chick); Goli (gorilla); Mozi (hamster); Peng (penguin); Zoobi and Molly (cats).

In addition to distribution of its themed compilation episodes to various streaming outlets, TOONBO will be launching an app that will feature original-music-driven mobile games, virtual reality educational engagement , and live costume character content. TOONBO also plans to introduce additional musical animated video shorts featuring lessons in ABCs and 123s for tiny tots worldwide in multiple languages. Interactive story books and live shows are yet another part of the long-term plan for the brand that plans to maximize merchandise opportunities for investors.

TOONBO was founded by artist Jae Chang, who originally hails from Korea and is now a Los Angeles resident. Chang enjoys a career in high-end studio animation and visual effects. Chang created the TOONBO YouTube Channel as an online place his new toddlers could visit, be entertained with engaging animation, and learn. CEO, Frank Lunn, met Jae and appreciated his artistic style and storytelling. Lunn’s background includes executive positions in Business & Legal affairs at The Walt Disney Company, DreamWorks SKG, Fox Family Worldwide, and Saban Entertainment.

TOONBO creates and produces early learning animated and live-action videos and songs that engage children’s attention for higher educational retention. Our mission is to empower and inspire children around the world.

Information for educators, parents, and caregivers can be found at For TOONBO’s original YouTube Channel visit or join us on Instagram