Who could have imagined that just a short four months ago that our lives would be the way it is. With the massive unemployment rate among Americans increasing to about 3o million, the rising trend will continue forecasters predict.

NEW YORK, NY, June 02, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Now is the perfect time for at home and unemployed Americans to begin to transition into a world of a new environment which they are not familiar with. Most people when faced with crisis do one or two things: they either retreat into something familiar or they slowly embrace the change and embrace a “new normal.” Either of which is dependent on the mindset of the individual.

The Digital Vibe Podcast is one such podcast that has been ahead of the transition and just in time to meet the needs of those individuals who are now unemployed or telecommuting. They have launched 2 new podcast series, “Coffee and Tea” and “All About Annette” on The Digital Vibe Network.

The first series, “Coffee and Tea”, focuses on the creative side of the host, Annette, who engages her audience by showcasing some of the world’s best fiction writers in a setting that is sure to please audio listeners of all ages. This show which just launched in the month of May, is perfect timing for those who want and need something that allows them to be distracted in a creative and positive way.

The other, “All About Annette”, focuses on business and personal development. Two new shows from this series, “How to embrace change in a work from home environment” and “How to make money online“, just launched in April of 2020 and are highly downloaded shows as they focus on education and personal growth. Both shows make it easier for those who are not equipped mentally and technically to begin such a change and guides them through a step by step process.

Both series come with free resources. When you listen and subscribe to the podcast, visit the website, or purchase one of their online courses courses, you will have access to trade publications that cover a variety of genres for both business and personal use. From lifestyle to wellness and technology, all topics are covered in e book format and readily available for immediate download. Topics are categorized and able for preview before being delivered to customers inbox.

“The needs of individuals, small businesses, and global communities are all impacted right now, it is in times like these we are seeing how we as a global hemisphere respond to crisis.” “We may not be able to measure the impact of change, albeit an invisible virus can produce, but we can visibly see the impact that humanity can have on itself for good which can have an equally profound viral effect,” says Founder, Annette Thomas.

For more information on how to access free content and subscriptions visit The Digital Vibe Here.

About Annette Thomas:

Founder Annette Thomas is an Internet Entrepreneur and Creative Writer and Producer of all The Digital Vibe Network Series which is hosted by Megaphone, a world renowned podcast platform. She has authored several books on entrepreneurship and internet marketing which is available on The Digital Vibe website.

Her personal philanthropic involvement comes by way of the podcast as well as her signature online course, The Wealth Building Series, which endeavors to play an important role in the improvement of humanity.