We all have that one person who is there for us. Regardless. Our number one. “Every Time”, the new single from Denver/Los Angeles based musician Isabelle Fries has all the feels.

DENVER, CO, June 26, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Isabelle Fries never imagined that she would be graduating from USC in front of a television from her living room. That is just one of many every day events in this “new normal” world.

Isabelle, along with Grammy winning producer Rob Chiarelli and the amazing writing duo The Highfields created “Every Time” from start to finish remotely. All working from their homes. The end result is an amazing collaboration that would make you think these talented people were all working under the same roof.

When asked about what the new tune means to her, Fries replied: “To me Every Time is about being a constant rock in someone’s life especially during times like these. There are people in my life that regardless of what is happening I will be there for them in a heartbeat and that is what this song is trying to portray.”

Isabelle is signed with Street Lamp Records and currently finishing up her debut EP.