Will the next generation of Mini Pods cement Jive as a legitimate contender to Apple?

BOSTON, MA, June 05, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Jive Mini Pods 2020 Trends and Outlook

Wireless earbud production has seen exponential growth since the release of the Apple AirPods in 2016. The wireless earbud market is flooded with new players, more competition, and higher demand. Last year marked the entrance of Jive Mini Pods, an unashamed AirPod knockoff that sells for half the price of its competitor. Jive’s rising popularity has thrust it in the spotlight of audiophiles, Youtube reviewers, and budget-thirsty consumers. Now, Jive is ready to announce the release of its next generation Mini Pods. Will the buzz continue?

What are Jive Mini Pods?

Jive Mini Pods are wireless earbuds that have become synonymous with some less-than-flattering words: “knockoff”, “budget”, and “cheap” being just a few. Despite this, they continue to gain momentum and are now in the conversation with Apple and Beats. How did they accomplish this?

Answer: At the price point of $35 you don’t have to be good, you just have to be good “enough”.

Here’s how Jive Mini Pods are “Good Enough”:


Because they are only available online, Jive is able to reduce cost by shipping directly from it’s warehouse to its consumers. The average pair of wireless earbuds retails at around $90, so being less than half the price is a clear advantage to consumers trying to sift through an overwhelming market.


Go ahead and compare AirPods and Mini Pods. They both boast many of the same features, it’s just that Apple seems to do it… better. Here are the features that both ear pods possess:

Tap Controls
Water Resistance
Charging Case (20+ Hours)
Universal Connectivity
Battery Display

There are some features that Jive Mini Pods even outperform AirPods. Mini Pods have been rated higher in both water resistance and overall battery life according to user tests and electronic site reviews.


It’s no coincidence. Jive Mini Pods look exactly like AirPods. Since their release, Mini Pods have consistently garnered comparisons to their trend-setting counterpart with an uncanny design. The primary difference is the finish: Jives are matte, while AirPods are glossy. To the untrained eye though, the $35 wireless buds are strikingly similar.


According to Google Trends, Jive Mini Pods are more heavily searched than the Beats Solo 3, Samsung Galaxy Buds, and Skullcandy’s latest wireless buds. That’s over millions of searches daily for a product that was relatively unknown until February. Jive will look to capitalize this summer as America attempts to reopen the economy. Will we see a new challenger to the Apple throne? Either way, it will be an interesting summer in the battle for earbud supremacy.


This week Jive announced plans for their next generation of Mini Pods; news certain to encourage a tsunami of interest. Coronavirus has postponed many releases, so it will be curious to see what comes of this situation and when a firm release date will be announced. Regardless, the Jive Mini Pod forecast is looking brighter than ever.

Updates of the release can be found here: http://jiveminipods.net/