Quarter Water Juices (QWJ) is an “urban opera” about life, love, betrayal and the way they interconnect. QWJ is centered around two main characters; Joey, an awkward introvert, and Capulet, a woman scared of love. The series slogan is, “A tale of the people we portray and the masks we wear.”

J.L McClendon is the creator of Quarter Water Juices (QWJ) and his life reads like a drama with vivid twists and turns. His biography was the inspiration for the series. His childhood was riddled with traumatic experiences such as the drug overdose of his best friend, homelessness and the alleged murder of his father.

It was his passion for deep, rich stories that led McClendon embark on his entertainment career. He became a rap artist and released an international collaboration called Across the Pond , was featured on a mixtape in France and received a near perfect rating in one of the UK’s biggest hiphop magazines.

McClendon took it to the next level by writing and producing the Quarter Water Juices series with his wife Wendy McClendon. Together they have been making a positive difference in the film and production industry across North America.

Fans have been responding to Quarter Water Juices on the web and by using an interactive mobile app called Watch QWJ available on Google Play and the App Store. McClendon says he wants viewers to be able to identify with the lives of the characters and interact with their favourite ones.

Fans are able to interact with the cast of the series, post comments and watch clips using the mobile app.

The series is taking off quickly and is now listed on the Internet Movie Database, available for streaming via YouTube and other online platforms and available on most social networks. To find out more about the series you can visit http://www.watchqwj.com