Silver Lining encourages strength when facing adversity and overcoming situations of despair – bullying, violence, abuse, trauma – reminding us to practice self love, patience, and acceptance over hate.

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‘Destiny Malibu, one of the year’s 25 break-out artists’ –

‘Independent singer, songwriter, talent, inspiration…a young person that actually cares…genuine.’ – Elizabeth Espinosa, iHeartRadio

Singer, Songwriter, Destiny Malibu is no stranger to pouring her heart and soul into capturing the full range of emotions as displayed in her songwriting and vocal delivery. “I feel that my songwriting is a mirror; reflecting the recurring joys and sadness, dreams versus reality, ups and downs, triumphs and failures, and the storms and rainbows that follow. My songwriting is usually a dichotomy that portrays life and existence which is a combination of both positive and negative. It’s okay to not be okay. I’m big on acknowledging that, feeling it, saying it out loud. We can only journey out of that dark cloud by re-focusing on the light and finding that glimmer of hope, the ‘Silver Lining.’ I believe music has a profound effect on our emotions and if I write a song about something sad, I feel that it is my duty to serve the listener a meal of hope, or else my guests will be left emotionally hungry. My goal as a musical hostess is to provide hearty ‘meat and potatoes’ type meals, tasty yet satisfying. In my opinion, the final course is only satiating when it is wrapped in a message of hope. Positive soul-food in musical cuisine is very important,” says Destiny.

This roller coaster of emotions is clearly evident in the release of this first single from her inspirational album, ‘Out Of The Shadows,’ coming in 2020, a moving body of work that instills messages of peace, hope, strength, and self-love, for those in need. “Since I am very passionate about advocating for good mental health, I regularly acknowledge feelings of sadness and then reply to that sadness by writing something positive that gives hope. This song is meant to encourage us to find strength when facing adversity, to overcome situations of despair – bullying, violence, abuse, trauma – encouraging us to practice self love, patience, and acceptance over hate,” Destiny adds.

“As we pass through these reflectionary months of November into December to finish the year, this journey brings with it elements of joy and sorrow. Many of us in the U.S. celebrate Thanksgiving, Family Day, American Indian Heritage Day, Rosa Parks Day, Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, Feast of Our Lady Guadalupe, Bill of Rights Day, Christmas, Solstice…, these milestones for celebration and happiness also carry forth feelings of guilt, depression, despair, loneliness, and loss. These are experiences and emotions that are not foreign to me, which I strive to honor while holding onto the positive, which is the underpinning message of “Silver Lining,” Destiny further remarks.

‘Silver Lining’ is a song that is reflective of a waltz, a gentle yet powerful dance through the evolution of life. “It begins with what first feels like a happy, childlike nurturing nursery rhyme anchored by the piano intro that journeys into the hills with Julie Andrews and transforms into a Sound of Music vocal evolution. This builds into the experience of life and tragedies that we face in our maturing years as adults. The orchestration grows as the listener is encouraged to learn from life’s lessons; finding hope and love. In the end, we are stronger because we choose to love. I feel that ‘Silver Lining’ embodies that recurring lesson of learning to dance with adversity; from being playful and carefree to courageous and strong,” concludes Destiny.

While this masterful orchestration is the byproduct of independent singer/songwriter Destiny Malibu’s attempt to capture the organic emotions emanating from life’s journey, this song also carries the signature soulful R&B vocal delivery that fans have come to embrace, packed full of live instrumentations and sounds. Contributors on this single include veterans in the music industry: producer, Cliff Downs, Tennessee, mixing engineer, Jaimeson Durr Recording, San Francisco and mastering engineer, Michael Romanowski, Coast Mastering, Berkeley, California.

The Chord progression, rhythm structure, melody line, and instrumentation identifies ‘Silver Lining’ as a moving and charged inspirational song; elevating the listener’s feelings from sadness to happiness or despair to hope, in this case. “We wanted to keep ‘Silver Lining’ about the song, writing, and message. So, the production served as the cradle, supporting the song,” Downs offered. “It quickly became evident to me that Destiny is a truly distinctive singer, songwriter. Her songwriting and vocal delivery weaved seamlessly together. There is a lot of honesty and heart in her songwriting. As a result, listeners can feel the sound coming from a real place. As the producer, I wanted to showcase the vocals and songwriting front and center; leveraging the rest of the production in support and preserving the organic quality of this piece.”

Her lyrics, “But love is contagious, And baby I love who I am…,” speaks to the warrior and survivor outlook that grounds and inspires Destiny Malibu to continue to persevere (and move others) through her music.

Destiny Malibu ‘Silver Lining’ is out Friday, 11/29/2019.

Destiny Malibu will be performing at various venues throughout California and the US in 2019. She also kicks off a new touring schedule starting 2020, visiting approximately 600,000 teenage students across the United States with over 100 performances. Updated details can be found by visiting

Destiny Malibu ‘Silver Lining’ Music Video Premieres November 29, 2019.


Destiny still remembers the day, at the age of five, she donned headphones that were nearly as big as her head, and stood in front of a microphone for the first time. The studio was already a warm and familiar place. But this was new.

So began the journey of a girl named Destiny, who seems to have been, yes, destined to become a musical artist. Destiny’s job was to recite the pledge of allegiance and sing backup for a 911-tribute song being performed by her mother, a recording artist with a successful Latin band.

That day still resonates in Destiny’s soulful and energetic vocal style. But though her love affair with music began with a performance, it did not end there. Her mother saw to it that Destiny understood music at a fundamental level. As a young teen, Destiny was trained to think in terms of musical and narrative structure when she listened to popular songs. Her natural creative instincts ignited a love affair with song writing, and it is still the core passion that drives her career. Her writing talent was evident early, and she won multiple, consecutive songwriting contests as a high school student.

So it was as a songwriter that Destiny’s professional career would begin. She opted for independent studies in her senior year of high school in order to take a job as a songwriter for Burnett Music Group. As a writer, Destiny developed a hopeful and uplifting style that reflects her caring and deeply empathetic nature. She has a keen ear for music, but perhaps an equally keen sense for the quiet suffering of people around her. This sense of awareness and responsibility has come to inhabit her music.

Perhaps because of her desire to connect with and understand people, Destiny’s tenure as a full-time songwriter would be short-lived. She soon discovered that her true calling was to “tell my own story,” as she puts it, by performing her music and engaging with an audience. And equipped with that insight, Destiny Malibu would become the singer/songwriter she is today.

Since then, Destiny has been writing, recording, and releasing music at a dizzying pace and touring internationally. She performed an original song in a 2018 appearance on American Idol. She has performed at such renowned venues as the House of Blues and Viper Room in LA, as well as high profile festivals such as Texas Rockfest and the Florida Music Festival. She has recently begun to push creative boundaries, experimenting with Spanish-language songs that honor the Latin roots she owes to her mother. She continues to tour and perform from the roof-top stage of her custom-built, 40-foot tour bus. And along the way, she has formed partnerships with organizations that fit with her passion to contribute to the mental health and well-being of others, including an initiative with the American Heart Association to spread awareness of heart disease among young people.