“My guests are living proof that it is possible to heal and that difficult situations do not have to define you…I hope viewers find strength, hope and their purpose through these stories.” – Marci Hopkins

NEW YORK, NY, June 26, 2020 /Neptune100/ — On Saturday July 4th, a new, first-of-its-kind, Fourth Of July special that will feature incredible artists: Benjamin Lerner, Laurissa “LaLa” Romain will be performing and the legendary percussionist and rock royalty Sheila E. will sing the National Anthem, on ‘Wake Up With Marci’. The July 4th show will also include R & B Hip-Hop sensation Donnie Fresh and Abby Jasmine. A song can be a movement, a message, and an inspiration. That’s what Wake Up With Marci has in store for you on this historic Independence Day! A chance to celebrate this unique 4th of July with Hope, Unity and Positivity through the healing power of music!

Marci Hopkins inspires and empowers us with her weekly show that airs every Saturday on CBS – owned WLNY at 10am (EST). Tune in to Wake Up on WLNY at 10am (EST) on Saturday July 4th for a front-row seat! Learn the stories behind some of the most iconic anthems in our nation’s songbook, as you witness first-hand conversations with legendary artists and the rising stars of tomorrow!

Viewers can watch live or find the show on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube and the show also streams on NJ On Air. Like never before, fans are able to experience the creation of their favorite hits told firsthand by the artists themselves. Wake Up is so proud to offer these musicians an outlet to share their craft with large groups of people. Especially during times like these when live music events aren’t always possible.

Marci Hopkins is an award-winning TV Personality; host, show creator and executive producer of “Wake Up with Marci” – which airs on CBS owned WLNY-TV, channel 10/55 every Saturday morning at 10 am (EST). Wake Up With Marci is a talk show all about empowerment. Marci shares stories of triumph and transformation, she wants to spread good news to share hope and help us live our happiest lives. She touches on wellness, health, female issues, divorce, family, self help, mental health, beauty, along with performances from musical guests and cooking demos. She has specialists on to inform the viewer, provide tools and resources. Wake Up is about living our happiest lives!

She’s committed to inspiring and empowering her viewers, while spreading hope and happiness. She gives others stories a voice. Viewers will find strength, hope and their purpose through these stories of success.” The show is a passion project for Marci, who is a sexual abuse survivor and almost five years sober after winning her battle with alcoholism.

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