JD Bergmann & Co. AG has recently launched it’s latest mobile application, which goes by the name ‘cookking.ai’. The application uses its unique Artificial Intelligence technology to suggest suitable and accurate recipes to the user by simply analyzing the picture of ingredients, uploaded by the user. Amid this pandemic when almost the entire planet is in lockdown and people are trapped in their houses, this could be a savior for individuals who have got the right ingredients at home but are struggling to prepare a dish out of it. 

Cookking.ai is the right step forward in the digitization of the industry with the raw power of Artificial Intelligence. This app suggests the most suitable recipes which they can easily prepare at home with the ingredients already available to them. The user needs to click pictures of the ingredients available to them and upload them to the app. It will analyze the ingredients from the image using the inbuilt A.I. system and presents a number of recipes to the user which can be prepared with those ingredients.

According to Mr. Sascha Suter, the Cookking.ai application can revolutionize cooking at home by making it a lot easier for the user. “Just imagine the amount of hassle that has been eradicated, when the only thing you need to do is to click a photograph of the ingredients and get the suitable recipes in no time on the app, which you can easily cook,” said Mr. Suter. 

Cookking.ai is available at both play store and app store for android and apple devices respectively. 

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