Ontario, Canada – Swift Clinics, one of the first clinics in the Greater Toronto Area to provide all COVID-19 test results the same day, has announced a new location in Toronto. The new Etobicoke location, just minutes from the Pearson International Airport, will provide a vital service for residents and visitors of the GTA who are in need of proof of negative COVID-19 status for travel or other allowable reasons.

The exciting announcement follows a push to make rapid COVID-19 screening accessible and affordable for individuals, families, and businesses.  As part of the expanded testing and screening initiative, Swift Clinics is also launching a new digital service that will provide same-day rapid COVID-19 test results for clients digitally, via email and SMS-based text messages. QR codes are included at no extra charge, allowing travelers to meet requirements for destinations and airlines that require them. Results can be generated and shared directly with the client within minutes after the samples are processed, bringing speed to the traditional COVID-19 testing process.

“We are proud to announce a new location in Etobicoke, just minutes from the Pearson International Airport,” remarked Radu Ulici, Director of Operations of Swift Clinics. “We are increasing access to fast, professional, and transparent testing for residents in the GTA and those traveling through Pearson International Airport. Coupled with our new digital service for sharing screening results and our involvement with the Ontario Workplace Testing program, we are helping to mitigate the transmission of COVID-19 while providing convenient, safe, and reliable access to screening and testing options across Ontario,” Ulici added. 

In addition, Swift Clinics is growing its workplace testing programs, including for unvaccinated staff at factories, offices, warehouses, medical and other businesses across the GTA. The Clinic is a partner of the Ontario Ministry of Health’s Workplace Antigen Testing Program and is committed to meeting corporate and workplace needs not only in traditional workplace settings, but at corporate offsites, conferences, travel events, and holiday gatherings as well. 

To learn more about Swift Clinics, please visit SwiftClinics.ca. Swift Clinics is open seven days a week for same-day appointments. RT-PCR and rapid antigen screening are available.

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