As Professional Sports Prepare to Return to Play, Athletes In Action Launch Campaign of ‘Victory Beyond Competition’

JACKSONVILLE, FL, July 08, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Former Jacksonville Jaguar and NFL Chaplain, Maurice “Moe” Williams, begins the new Victory Beyond Competition campaign by claiming his victory phrase: “I Experience Victory Beyond Competition When…I realized perfection does not equal success.”

This current project was created by Athletes in Action (AIA) and has partnered with other athletes, coaches, and organizations across the globe. The goal is simple, yet powerful: Highlight the fact that sports are more than just wins and losses on a field of play; they go much deeper than a simple competition.

In order to spread victory, encouragement, and optimism during a season where so many have been experiencing loss after loss, Williams and AIA have decided to reclaim 2020 by designating the month of July as, “Victory Month”. Throughout July, all are encouraged to finish this phrase “I Experience Victory Beyond Competition When…” and share it on all social media platforms using #victorybeyondcompetition

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