In most areas there is a constant need for blood donations. Unfortunately, some of these places will not accept bi or gay blood donors. BiCupid is issuing a call to stop this discrimination.

LOS ANGELES, CA, May 27, 2020 /Neptune100/ — The idea that someone’s sexual identity or lifestyle somehow makes their blood unsuitable for blood donations is a throwback to times when LGBTQI people were largely demonized by the mainstream. While society has generally progressed, in many areas, these policies not allowing bisexuals and gays to donate remain. Stepping up to work to change this hurtful and potentially harmful prejudice, the world’s #1 bisexual dating site BiCupid is calling for an end to this discrimination and for potential donors to be screened for the Coronavirus and other health issues, not sexual orientation. Part of this message is the platform launching a heartfelt blood drive campaign. This call has been met with enthusiasm from the LGBTQI community, along with others interested in inequality and justice.

“We are a part of the bisexual world so this is an issue that is extremely important to us,” Stated Lawrence, the CEO of BiCupid. “With the nation facing a real health crisis it is far beyond the time for these ridiculous prejudices to end, for everyone’s sake.”

To show real encouragement for people to donate blood, BiCupid is offering a free premium membership campaign for anyone who can show a record they donated blood after April 2020. Only if the user uploads a blood donation certification with name and date, BiCupid will offer them membership bonuses.

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