With the development of MasterFit, a new concept of health care items that correct an unbalanced body

NEW YORK, NY, November 12, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Recently, as many companies have implemented telecommuting due to COVID-19, home fitness, which makes it easy to massage or stretch, is emerging. As more people are spending a lot of time at home, the demand for related products has risen sharply.

With the ‘home fitness’ craze being strong enough to create the new word “home-tact Life,” MasterFit, a sports medical fitness brand, is now making headlines for announcing that they will launch a new concept health care device, “BALANCENAP”.

BALANCENAP is a product developed for people who always feel the need for exercise and health care but can’t even do minimal exercise and health care due to time constraints or economic reasons, and it is an all-in-one health care item that allows you to easily and conveniently get the best effects for correction of the entire body including neck, back, and waist, as well as massage and fitness anytime, anywhere.

The most remarkable aspect of BALANCENAP is that you can restore your body’s normal angle just by lying down. The ergonomically designed BALANCENAP, which takes into consideration the normal angle for each part of the body, induces a correct posture and makes the spinal fluid flow smoothly, reducing nerve pressure. It also has both massage effects and fitness functions at the same time because it loosens knotted muscles with the feel of the touch of expert hands by the simple action of rolling left and right.

To facilitate separation and integration, the composition was simplified with only the head and body, and it was designed to enjoy a total care effect for all the large and small muscles throughout the entire body. Meanwhile, a number of sports and medical experts participated in the development process, drawing attention with the principle of ROM (Range Of Motion) technique, which increases the range of motion of joints and helps blood circulation in the body. This allows you to do a technical massage yourself, as well as to train your core muscles with simple movements depending on how you use it.

The exterior is small and light, making it easy to carry and store, and basic waterproofing has been applied so that it can be easily cleaned and managed with water and tissue. In addition, in order to implement a strong antibacterial and antifungal performance, an eco-friendly elastomer ABS material with a bacterial growth inhibition rate of 99.9% or more was applied.

A MasterFit official said, “We developed BALANCENAP with the mind that ‘nothing can replace health,’ and we hope that busy modern people can shine with healthy life values and health that is the source of our lives.”

Meanwhile, BALANCENAP is scheduled to launch in November on Indiegogo, the world’s largest crowdfunding platform.

Balancenap Indiegogo: https://www.indiegogo.com/project/preview/2ad70677