Featured Guests: Barry Pilson, Ph.D and Dr. Janet Smith Warfield

NEW YORK, NY, December 06, 2019 /Neptune100/ — Psychotherapist Barry Pilson, Ph.D. facilitates and supports change through cutting-edge psychotherapy practice

Embrace change and discover a better you! Clinical Social Worker Barry Pilson, Ph.D. develops a trust-centered, collaborative relationship with each and every client before guiding them on a life-altering journey toward change. Join him as he shares his diverse wisdom as a guest on the CBS affiliate show Live It Up! with host Donna Drake. Dr. Barry Pilson will highlight and discuss the importance of adhering to evidence-based methods and current breakthroughs in the field of psychotherapy. His insights will intrigue both fellow mental health practitioners and those who seek their help alike.

Be sure to tune in! Live It Up! airs Saturday, December 7th at 6:30am EST on the CBS Network (Ch. 10 & 55).

Barry Pilson, Ph.D. has practiced psychotherapy for over 25 years. Dedicated to helping adults and adolescents over age 11, as individuals or as a family, Dr. Pilson works in tandem with his clients to attain certain goals, a method which instills confidence and allows his clients to feel in control of their own therapy. Dr. Pilson has a special expertise in addiction, but treats anxiety, depression and trauma as well. He is a licensed social worker with a masters and doctorate degree from Tulane University. In addition to maintaining a private practice in Metairie, LA, he is an adjunct professor at Tulane University.

Barry Pilson, Ph.D. may be contacted as follows:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (504) 834-2455

Or visit his website at https://www.barrypilsonphd.com/

**Don’t miss Dr. Barry Pilson’s appearance on Live It Up! this Saturday, December 7th at 6:30am EST on CBS Ch. 10 & 55!**

Dr. Janet Smith Warfield Guides Personal Transformation Through Shift in Daily Speech

Change your words, change your world! Dr. Janet Smith Warfield retired attorney, award-winning author, international speaker, workshop facilitator, and host of the popular radio show, Dancing with Words, Dancing with Wisdom, has dedicated her career to effective and powerful communication on both an intellectual and a spiritual level. As an upcoming guest on the CBS affiliate Live It Up!, Janet sits down with host Donna Drake to offer valuable insights into effective and valuable communication tools and to share her own experience.

Live It Up! airs Saturday, December 7th at 6:30am EST on the CBS Network (Ch. 10 & 55).

Janet’s efficiency as a communicator allows her to guide others toward a positive and transformational shift in their conscious speech that in turn reverberates into every aspect of their lives. Janet’s influence in the field of intentional conscious communication remains highly respected as a key contributor to universal harmony, co-creativity, and “power within” our collective communities and the world.

Dr. Janet Smith Warfield’s fascinating, co-creative journey began over five decades ago, when she had an unexpected, life-changing experience that filled her with great clarity and a deep understanding of the human condition Janet is a Philadelphia native with a B.A. in economics from Swarthmore College and a J.D. cum laude from Rutgers School of Law, Camden. She practiced law in Atlantic City for 22 years. Besides being an author, a former attorney and mediator, she is a grandmother, poet, and publisher.

Janet’s book Shift: Change Your Words, Change Your World, an Amazon Best Seller and Next Generation Indie Book Award winner, is a tool for expanding consciousness. Her article “Freedom from Fear,” included in J. Kim Wright’s American Bar Association bestselling book, Lawyers as Peacemakers: Practicing Holistic, Problem-Solving Law, discusses the trauma of fear and how to release it. She has also blogged on this universal challenge, as well as on transforming rage, perception shifts, and word healing. She has created YouTube videos, such as “Free Yourself from Fear Forever” and “What are You Going to Do with Your One Precious Life?”

Dr. Janet Smith Warfield may be contacted as follows:
Email: [email protected]

Connect with Dr. Janet Smith Warfield on social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/janetsmithwarfieldJD
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drjanetsmithwarfield/

Or visit her websites at http://wordsculptures.com/welcome/, http://janetsmithwarfield.com/, and http://wordsculpturespublishing.com/.

**Don’t miss Dr. Janet Smith Warfield’s appearance on Live It Up! this Saturday, December 7th at 6:30am EST on CBS Ch. 10 & 55!**