With a new version and new pricing, BoundaryCare alerts caregivers when a loved one wanders from a defined safe-zone.

NORTHFIELD, MN, June 16, 2020 /Neptune100/ — It’s no secret that people with dementia wander, and during a pandemic like covid-19 that’s an especially serious problem.

At this time when families are trying to keep loved ones close and avoiding congregate-living facilities as much as possible, BoundaryCare has released a new version of its location-tracking app for iPhone and Apple Watch. And in recognition of the urgent need for this kind of care, subscriptions have been reduced to just $9.99/month.

The idea of BoundaryCare is as simple as it is elegant. The loved one with dementia wears an Apple watch, which sends regular location updates to the caregiver’s iPhone. Thanks to geo-fencing technology, caregivers can designate customized safe zones (such as the home and yard, or even a route). If the loved one goes beyond the boundaries of the safe-zone, a notification is sent from the watch to the caregiver’s iPhone, allowing for immediate action.

“When [Dad] walked out of the house one night,” customer Bill T. reports. “It became clear that we needed a means of tracking his movements. BoundaryCare was the only app that provided this service and [it] works exactly as we hoped it would. Absolutely wonderful–gives us great peace of mind.”

Moreover, caregivers can check on the status of loved ones at a glance. An easy-to-read dashboard shows the loved one’s location on a map, indicates whether they are in or out of a safe-zone, whether their watch is connected to the network, and whether its battery is low. In a few clicks, caregivers can add friends or family to a caregiver group, and in urgent situations emergency tracking provides real-time updates of the loved one’s movements. The new version of the app improves the accuracy of locations while enhancing the user experience.

BoundaryCare is the first and only app to offer geo-fencing and location notifications via the Apple Watch. Because many consumers already own Apple products, BoundaryCare is a low-cost and high-quality alternative to expensive dedicated devices. It is also the only solution that allows safe-zones to be configured as complex shapes, or even as itineraries — especially useful when a loved one is still allowed to drive. That’s just one of the reasons BoundaryCare was recently featured in TechTimes.

BoundaryCare costs $9.99/month after a two-week free trial. It is available on the Apple App Store. More information, including technical requirements, is available at www.boundarycare.com. For more information, contact [email protected].

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