The ethical luxury of AROLAB Organic 532 essential has the power and duty to provide goodness, beauty, and benefit to all (society, environment, and animals) and not only to its producers and its clients.

BARCELONA, SPAIN, February 07, 2020 /Neptune100/ — A few months ago, Luca Lancini launched in Barcelona, AROLAB organic, the first premium line of eco-vegan cosmetics of extraordinary performance and totally made in Europe.

The Italian architect, already recognized by the UN in 2012 as one of the greatest experts in sustainability, after 6 years of research carried out together with a group of international specialists, has created one of the best quality cosmetic products of the market, totally sustainable and that promotes ethical values such as caring for the environment, respect for people and empathy with all forms of life.

AROLAB organic proposes 532 essential, a Cosmetic Protocol of two facial serums that, depending on how they are mixed before each use, meet the different needs of all skin types, at any time of the day and at any season of the year and of life, without distinction of sex. This revolutionary cosmetic protocol also includes dental serum, a worldwide innovation in oral aesthetics, which, combined with toothpaste, brings the scent and freshness of essential and vegetable oils to the oral cavity, as well as its antibacterial and treatment properties.

The 532 essential eco-vegan cosmetic line is not available to everyone: the Cosmetic Protocol, the flagship of the brand, is positioned as one of the most expensive daily cosmetic treatments in the world and offers for the first time, the opportunity to the consumer of top-quality cosmetics to “go vegan”.

But, what makes this cosmetic wonder more unavailable, is not its price, but its limited artisanal production that also respects the lunar phases and awaits only for the best flowering crops so that the plants gift us their maximum fragrance. In short, thorough processes that take their time to guarantee quality and results that are reflected in waiting lists that keep their clients pending of accessibility and availability of the product.

AROLAB organic has obtained, as a guarantee of the effectiveness of its treatments, all the most prestigious quality certifications and at the same time complies with the strictest sustainability guidelines and reminds us that luxury has the power and duty to provide goodness, beauty, and benefit to all and not only to its producers and its clients. Welcome to the philanthropic luxury.

Today with AROLAB organic, a new concept of beauty is born, not only superficial and apparent, pursued at all costs, but a beauty that makes us feel beautiful inside and out, appreciating life in all its forms.


Since 1995, he lives and works in Barcelona and he is recognized as one of the top sustainability experts in Europe. Graduated, with honors, from the Polytechnic University of Milan, he has worked as an architect, researcher, professor and journalist. He holds several degrees, including Master Trainer Training in NLP, University Master in PNL Business, Licensed Conversational Change Specialist, Licensed NLP Coach and Practitioner of Generative Coaching.

Thanks to his participation in several sustainable architecture projects, among them the award-winning FUJY project (Madrid 2005), the Movistar itinerant project, Untethered Sustainability (2009) or the FBAL consultants project (Madrid 2011), he has received several awards and has been published by the international press as well as being bestowed with the WTA Sustainability Award 2012 at the New York headquarters of the United Nations Organisation (UN), and he has been chosen as one of the six sustainability experts for the international launch of the pan-European campaign “A world you like with a climate you like”, at the City Hall in London (2012).

Since 1995, his passion for promoting and sharing the values of sustainability has led him to deepen his knowledge in the fields of communication, marketing, logic, neurolinguistics programming, and behavioral economics. The study has become a constant in his life, and he is currently pursuing a doctorate in practical philosophy and formal logic.

Aware of the social aspects of sustainability, since 2019 he has carried out a pioneering project in the world of cognitive-behavioral psychology in the 4 Camins prison in the city of Granollers (Barcelona), offering inmates a personal growth and awareness of responsibility project.

He found veganism almost by chance because everything he learned conditioned his priorities so much that his behavior naturally aligned with his values and beliefs. For Luca Lancini, being well and feeling good is not appearance, but substance and beauty, thanks to the opportunity provided by the values of sustainability that are capable of generating beauty and wellness for us and our environment.

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