The Management Team of Escaping The Healthcare Prison LLC is proud to announce the launch of our new website:

DALLAS, TX, December 09, 2019 /Neptune100/ — If one would judge by the rhetoric and lip-service coming from the healthcare industry, all is fine and getting better. The reality, however, is the healthcare landscape has changed significantly in a very short period of time and not for the betterment of the patient or consumer. Healthcare consumers and patients are finding themselves virtually captive. Healthcare consumers are asked to do more, pay more and receive less value for each dollar spent. While healthcare consumerism receives much media attention, the reality is healthcare providers and payers are very content with the status quo.

Let’s define a Healthcare Prisoner:

A Healthcare prisoner is a person/consumer buying health insurance, buying prescriptions or obtaining medical care.

Now, let’s define the Virtual Healthcare Prison:

A Virtual Healthcare Prison is any organization that provides healthcare choices or services to consumers. Virtual Prisons could be…. The government, employers, insurance companies. big pharma and healthcare providers just to name a few. They are prisons because they limit our choices. They welcome us with open arms only to make it difficult to understand and navigate.

Our Vision and Mission:

Our Vision……Escaping the Healthcare Prison brings patient concerns and issues to healthcare leadership and when appropriate to local, state and national leaders. In addition, our vision is to prioritize the healthcare consumers voice.

Our Mission……Escaping the Healthcare Prison develops comprehensive educational material and guides and is a consumer/advocate effort to inform, engage and empower the consumer to assume a greater role. By empowering healthcare consumers, we assist and support the consumer to escape their healthcare prison.

About The Company

Escaping the Healthcare Prison (EHP), a non profit company, is the advocacy affiliate of Healthcare Consumer Navigator Center that represents, educates and is the voice of the healthcare consumer. Healthcare consumers have powerful stories of individuals and collective needs of the community. We work at the local, state, regional and national levels to promote and educate consumers to attain affordable and quality healthcare.

The company founders are former healthcare executives that believe that healthcare is confusing and frustrating for consumer to understand and navigate. We are committed to help consumers and change the current process.