The SolePath Institute announces its new website, celebrates its second Times Square ad experience, and opens early enrollment for the retreat to end all retreats… and that was just the month of July.

CALGARY, AB, August 21, 2019 /Neptune100/ — You’re sitting at your desk hard at work on a Monday afternoon, and you’re feeling pretty good all around. No complaints. Suddenly, your computer playlist throws on a song you first heard on the Mindfulness Retreat. In fact, you’d heard it on the plane, and somehow it kept reappearing throughout the week at all the right times. It soundtracked your journey. For a moment, you lose yourself in the warm, familiar sound. The sense memory instantly transports you to those sandy beaches, that salty air, and without warning your soul plunges into that cruel, old ocean of lost holidays, where longing and emptiness enable each other so unbearably.

But, wait… Like a buoy in the blue waters of the Praia da Rocha, you resurface forcefully, stronger and more resilient than before. The song still plays reliably in the background. You used to stay down there for longer — days, even weeks sometimes. Instead, you now feel fulfilled. There is a peace inside of you that you’ve never really known before. You realize in that moment it’s what you’ve wanted all along; it’s why you went to Portugal in the first place! Not only has the line between vacation and everyday life been blurred, you’ve been noticing all barriers disappearing lately, and there is a sense of well being where anxiety and uncertainty used to be. You realize you’re smiling broadly, as you shake your head and return to your work. You conclude, Everyday is a vacation when you’ve found your SolePath.

Far too many people feel as if they are going through life without a sense of meaning or purpose, just getting by, barely awake, and left wanting something much more fulfilling. The experts at the SolePath Institute suggest there is an energetic answer to this question; one that can be revealed for those who wish to learn more. SolePath’s creators believe in this so deeply that they offer these energetic readings for simple donations, rather than charging large fees, despite the life-changing results the new knowledge often delivers. This is undoubtedly a service for those interested in living a happy, beautiful life, overflowing with peace, joy, love, purpose, and meaning. A SolePath reading could be the key that opens the door to these new possibilities. Knowing and understanding your SolePath is a wonderful, inspiring and lifelong journey that makes each day happier and more successful. Give yourself the best opportunity for success in life.

SolePath Institute, a spiritual coaching and support center in Calgary, Alberta, helps people understand themselves through many methods. The SolePath Institute, through unique energy work from experienced guides, helps people find purpose and direction. The aim is to reveal their “SolePath”, as stated above, and teach them how it can help them live a happier, more productive life free of the usual pitfalls. The SolePath Institute is the joint venture of two passionate women: Rev. Deneen Justason and Dr. Debra Ford, and they are proud to debut their latest website, SolePath+ (SolePath Plus). It has been lovingly assembled to serve as a no-nonsense way to communicate info about events, press appearances, advertisements and various media outings. Make no mistake, SolePath+ is not a replacement for their official SolePath Institute website. The official page will continue to serve as their main hub of activity where all process, practice and philosophy is concerned. In other words, it’s still where you’ll go to learn and find your SolePath. The new site, on the other hand, is where you’ll go to chart their growing popularity and learn about upcoming events.

Dr. Debra and Rev. Deneen were inspired to expand their virtual footprint based on the sheer volume and frequency of their 2018-2019 developments. Following two successful billboard advertising campaigns in Times Square, New York City (Nasdaq MarketSite and Thomson Reuters) along with countless mainstream news appearances, the ladies of SolePath decided to take this important step. The timing was especially ideal because the ladies had something important to announce: The Mindfulness Retreat in Portugal.

Whether you are new to SolePath or an experienced spiritual navigator, you need to know about this game-changing getaway. A five-day retreat to Portugal will be taking place in May, 2020. Due to overwhelming interest, the enrollment process has actually begun one full year in advance of the event itself. This is testament to SolePath’s sterling reputation, popularity and success; it is also a loud and clear message that you should get involved now, while you still can.

You will see beautiful days and nights. You will meet amazing people and hear fabulous music. But, best of all, you’ll learn more about yourself than you’ve ever learned in your lifetime. Portugal 2020 is not a frivolous getaway, but it’s not hard work either. It is a spiritual journey whose memories and teachings will last a lifetime and shape the person you become.  

Classes will be hosted at the Bela Vista Hotel and Spa in Portimao, on the Algarve, Portugal.  Retreat content will include mindfulness teachings on the Tao, and small steps towards transformation and happiness. Come for the refreshment around your awareness of life; stay for the beauty of single moments. Class will run from 8:00 am till 11:00 am each day, with lots of time for personal contemplation and for enjoying the perfection of the Portuguese Algarve. Between large expanses of spiritual discovery you will be able to enjoy the beautiful beaches and reaches of coastal Portugal. 

For less than you likely spend on your morning coffee in one year you could achieve deep personal growth, while enjoying a totally amazing beach holiday in one of the most beautiful places on earth. The overall investment includes all five days of teachings and all course materials.

Take the trip: Your body will return home, but your mind will forever remain within the spiritual filament that ignites your mind and soul every day after.