Award-winning Shamanic Life Coach, Anke Otto-Wolf of Sedona Soul Balance, applies her expertise to the subject of bullying and children’s development with her breakthrough new program.

SEDONA, AZ, July 28, 2019 /Neptune100/ — “PSST-PSST, listen to yourself.” -Toley Ranz

Toley Ranz represents a lot of things, but above all it is a cartoon personification of every child’s inner most voice. It is the conscience of children everywhere, urging them to listen and learn right vs. wrong. It is a friendly, but stern reminder to never use violence for any purpose, and to fight bullies not with fists, but with faith in oneself. Self-esteem in children is sometimes overlooked due to the fact that most kids are, by their very nature, carefree and a little bit loony (this is a good thing!) But like any good thing in life, it can go bad very easily. Innocent qualities can turn into lifelong psychological afflictions with very little provocation.

How many children do you know who have asked their parents, “Do I have to go to school today? My tummy hurts…” when there was a bullying situation present? Sadly, you may have uttered these very words yourself as a child. Bullying is serious, and its effects last forever.

This is why the world needs a positive force like Toley Ranz right now; someone to teach, to encourage, to guide, and to relate to kids on their own level. Bullying is unacceptable and must be stamped out, and Toley Ranz is up for the challenge!

Did you know that children aged ten and under have committed suicide as a direct result of bullying? And 42% of all kindergarten kids experience bullying or extreme teasing in some form! These are startling statistics, which begs the question: When does it end?

Toley Ranz is here for your kids and their emotional well-being; let ‘whimsical’ Toley Ranz be the inner coach for your child’s healthy and productive future.

Through a series of activities for home/classroom, radio shows, Toley Ranz book series and more, boosting self-esteem is made fun through the teachings of Toley Ranz (Psst: the name sounds like ‘tolerance’ — did you catch that?) Toley is a highly relatable, quirky character who speaks the same language as kids do. Check out the 10-point Honor Code of Respect for Self & Others.

The Toley Ranz Foundation 4 Tolerance, Inc. attained its 501(c)(3) nonprofit status on June 13, 2019. This has essentially kick-started a very busy summer for this bold, new brand. Toley Ranz mastermind, Anke Otto-Wolf, recently launched the “STOP BULLYING with Toley Ranz” weekly podcast recorded live from Sedona, AZ. It features practical information for parents, grandparents, and teachers. The show also presents reports, commentaries and guests, as well as detailed Toley Ranz Foundation updates. For the kids there will be Toley Ranz stories and fun activity suggestions as well.

Thanks to this wise technological move by the Foundation, Toley Ranz is now also on the GO! via a mobile devices app. This lovable character can now be everywhere at once. There’s no excuse to ever miss another episode of this groundbreaking show! With special features and exclusive content, the app is sure to appeal to both children and parents alike.

The Toley Ranz YouTube channel also launched recently to great praise. This is part of a wider, all-encompassing media campaign which will employ various social media platforms, media outlets, as well as Toley Ranz messages, teachings, tools, and props. Whether you’re listening to the podcast using the app, or exploring the YouTube channel, or the Toley Ranz website, each of these formats contains a veritable treasure trove of content designed to connect with, and profoundly effect your child in the best way possible.

The Toley Ranz brand extends to the tangible marketplace as well. Aside from the books available, The Psst-psst of Toley Ranz 3-in-1 storybook, which is also available as three individual books. There will also be a Toley Ranz plush toy available before the end of the year. Ms. Otto-Wolf feels that this physical manifestation of her work and passion will serve as a very important part of the Toley Ranz experience. What better way is there for your child to feel close to Toley and its teachings than to have a real Toley Ranz to hold and cuddle?
Additionally, the Foundation is committed to fostering calm learning environments by boosting kids’ inner strength to counter and diffuse bullying, and to instill a more mindful attitude so they rise above negative forces at school, at home, and at play. The Foundation pledges to provide the necessary materials free of charge to schools.

Toley Ranz is an unprecedented, new voice in the world of anti-bullying. Creator, Anke Otto-Wolf has essentially bridged the gap between different factions of people by creating such a relatable character. Therein lies the magic of Toley Ranz.


Toley Ranz creator and co-founder, Anke Otto-Wolf, is a veteran educator, award-winning author and Life Empowerment Coach, as well as host of the weekly “STOP BULLYING with Toley Ranz” podcast. She is a member of multiple professional organizations, and the recipient of countless awards for her forward-thinking work. Anke created and penned the entire Toley Ranz Project in its complexity (character, message, and theme), and believes it to be a timely, long-overdue alternative in educational entertainment in schools, at home, and at play. As an educator, Anke taught language arts at San Jacinto College, (CA), and the San Bernardino (CA), as well as the Norfolk Public School system (1995-2011). At the California Statewide Education Conference, 2008, Anke functioned as an Education Panel member on “Building Self-Esteem in Education” and additionally presented workshops on “Self-Growth and Self-Esteem in Adult Education” and “Tolerance Awareness and Skill/Asset Building.” Ms. Otto-Wolf’s philosophies, teachings and writings can also be found here and here. Her solid commitment to improving education for children and adults, especially for children’s emotional well-being during their formative years, is evident in the creation of Toley Ranz.