The Latest On How You Can Overcome Eating Disorders

MONTEREY, CA, August 29, 2020 /Neptune100/ — California-based treatment center Harmony Place Monterey recently revealed its newest webinar available to the public. Effective immediately, people can watch and learn from Dr. Mark Schwartz as he presents “Eating Disorders — a Dissociative Perspective.” It is a comprehensive presentation touching on numerous topics anyone interested in learning about eating disorders and various treatment options available at this time.

Being forced to deal with any eating disorder can take a considerable toll on any individual. Not only is the disorder a significant issue, but it often causes people to bottle things up and try to keep everything hidden from others. It starts to create a snowball effect, and eventually, people need to reach out to get professional help.

Dr. Mark Schwartz of Harmony Place Monterey has spent most of his professional career working on treatment models that are successful from beginning to end. That means designing options such as webinars for people to learn from at home, and actual treatment appointments at an individual or group level. While the webinar informs plenty, proper treatment is needed to get over any eating disorders that have reached a certain point.

The trickiest part of his years of research is forming many different approaches that work for specific individuals. Not everyone develops an eating disorder for the same reasons, so it is impossible to treat them all similarly.

Some of the key topics Dr. Mark Schwartz touches on in the webinar include:
Regulating internal emotions
Identifying eating disorder symptoms
Moving on from traumas causing eating disorders
Breaking down what roar attachment disruptions play in eating disorders
Self-integration…and more

Schwartz understands that there are many people who will not have the time to spend watching the entire webinar. That is why he has provided timestamps for specific sections so people can jump to them right away.

Being hosted on YouTube allows people to pause and replay any sections in the webinar to comprehend all the information provided fully. There are plenty of detailed breakdowns that can be paused and viewed, or downloaded from Harmony Place Monterey’s website. They have made the webinar PowerPoint available in PDF form, and there is also a reading list and other links for information available.

Information for All

Schwartz does an excellent job of keeping the webinar very easy to comprehend despite its length and detail. Many people are using webinars like this to learn details about eating disorders for the first time. People might be contemplating whether or not they should seek professional help, and this is very helpful to provide detailed information and allow people to find something that resonates with them. People start to feel much more comfortable about their situation when they see treatments that work to overcome an eating disorder.

It takes a lot of courage for a well-trained doctor like Schwartz to admit that treating eating disorders has not always been done correctly, even at his facilities. He has tailored his models throughout the years to make them as efficient as possible. There are numerous options for all types of struggles, which comes in handy for those dealing with multiple issues.

More Webinars on the Way

Along with this eating disorder webinar, Harmony Place Monterey promises more detailed presentations like this down the road. The center offers treatments for various disorders and addictions, and Dr. Mark Schwartz believes this is the perfect time to share detailed information in this format. Viewers have the chance to watch on their own time.