Following is a list of the 7 best ways by Adina Brunetti that you can apply in your life regardless of what you love. 

1. Identify what you love

It is indeed challenging to follow your passion, especially if you do not have any idea as to in which direction it went. In case you know what you are passionate about, you are already ahead of many others. However, if you have not decided, then this is the best place for you to get started. Usually, if you have no idea what you love, there may be a few things that might be happening: 

a. You have not experienced your passion yet: In such a scenario, you need to go out and experience life. Try different things that may sound a bit exciting or interesting. Explore your personality, look at your past, and see what your dreams or aspirations are. 

b. You have completely forgotten what your passion is: It might be the case where you may not have done a specific thing for a long period of time, and now you have forgotten the passion you had for that thing. Or, maybe you loved something, and now that love has faded. In such situations, you need to recall why you loved that thing in the first place and then apply that to a new thing. 

c. You’re afraid: You might be avoiding your passion as you may not have a good experience pursuing it in the past. You may be scared that your passion may force you to come into a situation where you might not be very comfortable. To solve this issue, you need to face your fear. 

2. Make yourself a priority

You will need to find some time for yourself to do what you love. It is not important to find a lot of time, but there should be some amount of time dedicated to your passion to make your life better.

However, if you want to make yourself a priority, you will be required to learn to say no. You need to say no to those things that will waste your precious time, to things that you must not do but you feel you should, and to those things that you want; however, that does not make you satisfied or happier in reality. 

3. Shift your mindset

Thinking you can make time for your passion can’t be considered groundbreaking. However, the shift in the mindset that comes when you actually understand you can take some time for your passion is what is certainly considered to be groundbreaking. Knowing in the brain is different in comparison to knowing in your heart. In order to know that it is possible for you to have a passion-filled life, you need to shift your heart. 

4. Consider other people

At times, feeling challenged in doing the thing you love arises in the shape of feeling that you may disappoint other individuals by taking from them their precious time. 

You can either opt to include other individuals in your passion, or you can make some room for other people to pursue the thing they are passionate about. Normalize pursuing things on your own in your relationships. Know that you will unite together being more whole people. 

5. Lower the bar

Being a business consultant, I assist people in identifying their passions, and then ultimately putting them to work. However, it is not important that you have to be paid for the purpose of doing what you love. At times, this requirement is very much out of the gate. Initially, you need to start doing what you are passionate about. If you love singing, sing. If you love dancing, dance. Never worry that all of this is going to take your precious time. Once it evolves, you will start witnessing different ways of making your passion help you make money. But, initially, follow your passion and do not feel pressured. 

6. Do what you don’t love (with a happy heart)

That way, life seems funny. However, you will definitely be rewarded when you invest your energy into something you do. I know the exact mechanism behind this, but I do have some understanding. The thing is, when you constantly work hard to make yourself the best in every type of situation, you start getting opportunities and abundance in your life. 

7. Be positive

At times, life does give us difficulties, and we face challenging times. In that situation, things may seem hopeless. However, it is important to practice being positive. It will undoubtedly help you in those tough days where you may think you need to give up your passion, dream, and thing you love the most. In such situations, it is always better to be calm and positive.