Gathering inspiration from NYC landscape architecture

NEW YORK, NY, March 11, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Everyone wants a bite of the Big Apple. A city built on the spine of creative verve and nonplussed style, New York City has something for everyone. As much as it’s esteemed for its industry, art, and culture, its parks are just as adored. You can gather a permanent piece of the city with John Mini Distinctive Landscapes. Gathering much inspiration from NYC landscape architecture, and designed, installed, and maintained with a profound love of endemic nature and design, John Mini spring landscaping can plant the Big Apple in your space for lasting attraction and pleasure.

Battery Park
East of the Hudson River, New Jersey often experiences the butt of fulsome flackery, but one of NYC’s most tranquil parks and best example of modish NY landscape design looks out to New Jersey from Manhattan’s most southern tip. Washed with a feeling of dynamic luxury, the 23-acre Battery Park is spotted with concentric circles and visited by the world’s biggest yachts. Like Central Park in myriad ways, Battery Park is a place to leave the frenetic life of the city, where children run into its smooth terraces and courtyards and men play timeless games of chess against the water. From it’s shores, visitors drift out to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty and concerts can be heard all summer long.

Tree-lined rings, bio-curves, and stony fountains, John Mini outdoor landscaping illustrates the chic dynamism of Battery Park in its greenscape portfolio. Garden Synchronicity tastefully blends luxury with recreation in a maze of circular fir, elevated plantings, shuffleboard and bocce courts. The Tribeca Viewing Garden provides hypnotic symmetry and fountained tranquility for condo residents. Crossing the Hudson, the Jersey Courtyard Retreat invites a curvy colorful journey for explorers to get timelessly lost in natural reverie.

Central Park
Paris has Luxembourg Gardens, Florence its Boboli Gardens, but Central Park is an 843-acre inner-city experience unto itself. From rolling green pastures and stony vantage points, guests marvel at the world’s most iconic buildings while New York’s famous jog along nearby paths next to tourists boarding horse and carriage. Guests encounter regal courtyards, pacific lakes, and curious statues. There’s SummerStage for the world’s best music and the MET for the world’s best art. Walk down a path or approach a lawn to find bikers, runners, yogis, painters, drawers, singers, and drummers. First announced by landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead as “a democratic development of the highest significance,” Central Park has been capturing hearts since the mid-19th century.

Characteristic of Central Park, John Mini’s Riverside Green Scene is a woodland sanctuary emerging from various levels of terraces and courtyards, creating diverse degrees of satisfaction in vivifying experiences. From a living bed of oxygenating vegetation, it invites an organic sense of peace. Across town, the Upper East Side Retreat lays out an impeccable lawn for visitors to lie and play while perimeter benches and plantings provide private repose and seasonal appeal. Sheltered away and complementing the original stories from existing structures, the Hotel Hideaway merges natural elements with courtyard fixtures to produce refreshment both in private peace and for business dealings.

The High Line
An old railroad line saved by residents and the City of New York, the High Line is a place for visitors to indulge in nature, art, and design. The 1.5-mile elevated linear park opened in 2009 on Manhattan’s West Side has since won the affection of visitors from all over the world. The well-maintained park includes naturalized plantings endemic to the rail line itself, plus river views, colorful urban scenes, all styled by landscape architect James Corner as “an intimate choreography of movement.” With 100,000 plants, trees, and shrubs, the High Line is a vitalizing escape for all.

Much of John Mini’s work can be captured in the hip-chicness of the High Line. Cascading Currents of Green, which won the 2016 National Association of Landscape Professionals Award, resuscitated an aging garden into a fresh retreat. The flowing movements of lush greenery and stone sing an orchestra of design movement. On top of the city and winding through seemingly endless paths, Bird’s Eye View offers an elevated experience of lush green texture and sublime ascent, transporting visitors unto a new world above the city bustle. Still on high, A View From Every Angle is a 1-acre elevated park where paths meet sculptures and graffitti to new vista points, enhanced by nature on all sides and angles.

Everyone wants a piece of the Big Apple, and everyone can have their share with John Mini spring landscaping. Whether you’re looking for a riverside retreat, green hideaway, or a view from every angle, John Mini can design and install the experience of New York City’s famous parks right in your space.

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