Tailor Your Decor to Enchant Clients and Customers

NEW YORK, NY, November 12, 2019 /Neptune100/ — Holiday decor highlights the aesthetics of your brand and accentuates the peace and joy of the holiday season. With contemporary, timeless lighting, and live decor options, we can help you tailor the decor of your building to enchant clients, customers, and passersby. Start decorating your space now to capitalize on the season and contribute to the magic and peace of the holidays.

Contemporary Holiday Decor

We recommend infusing your space with your own festive style. Think creative; go contemporary. For New York’s oldest hospital, for example, we infused drawings into the decor by recovering hospitalized children with a sparkling wintery color scheme that hung with teddy bears and lights that were tastefully spread through the installation. It induced curiosity from the street and called for magical adventures indoors. We called it the Frozen Forest Fantasy and it won the 2019 AmericanHort Cultivate Award.

Timeless Holiday Decor

Going timeless for the holidays means decorating with a classic color scheme. You may choose red and green or gold and silver with some red accents, but choose a color that patterns your space with style and grace. Our timeless holiday decor blends classic designs with traditional elements to create an arresting holiday nostalgia. Dubbed an Energetic Celebration, it has sparked joyful excitement from visitors big and small.

Lighting Holiday Decor

If you’re the ones doing the decorating for the holidays, try wrapping your trees with LED lights. Not only will you save in utility costs, you can add more lights and sparkle to your spaces. If you’re decorating with us, you can expect a Holiday Transformation that fuses modern decor and live holiday planting, or a Glimmering Reflection that doubles the sparkly magic with mirrors and contrasting materials.

Live Holiday Decor

Utilize the plants you already have by dressing them with holiday cheer. Adding the popular holiday plants that we’ve come to love and expect for the holidays—poinsettias, wreaths, garlands, and trees—will certainly induce a fresh draw. Don’t stop there, though. We love to create movement in our live displays. Our Holiday Sleigh Display features antique cutter racing sleighs that appear to be heading up Sixth Avenue to Central Park.

If we could capture holiday decor in one word, it would be fantastical. Evoke the kind of fantasy this season that invites a peace and joy that encapsulates this most special time of year. There’s nothing like a sensational holiday scene. And it’s not too late to create one. It’s perfect timing to dress your business with fantastical holiday decor by John Mini.

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