Increase Your Health and Improve Your Well-being

NEW YORK, NY, December 06, 2019 /Neptune100/ — From improving mental health and increasing creativity to cleaning air and reducing noise, indoor planting seems to have an endless range of benefits. And studies are backing that up. “Plants can efficiently remove pollutants and improve indoor air quality,” says one group of researchers. Another group found that coronary and pulmonary patients’ “physical and mental health improved” with the introduction of plants to their spaces.

So the time has come to increase your health and improve your well-being, and, of course, add some color to your surrounds. Naturalize your urban space with these practical garden ideas for hip color arrangements and a boost of green cheer.

Build a plant wall

Just starting to soar in popularity, plant walls can be built with various materials and styles—and they don’t take up horizontal space. You can build a trellis plant wall, a kitchen window herb garden, or add some green friends around your single hanging plant, creating a hanging garden.

Rack it up

If you’re accustomed to unwinding with a cocktail here and there, why not combine two destressors in one area of space? Add some plant decor next to your liquor bottles and stoke the warmth of your last tropical vacation with a bar cart garden. Or do the same thing to your spice rack. The naturalist’s joke: instead of killing two birds with one stone, you’re adding two birds with one stone.

Create a jungle floor

Under the thick canopies of the world’s jungles, tropical plants thrive in low and medium light. Create a jungle in front of a window that sheds east or west facing light. With the right amount of water and fertilizing once or twice a month, you’ll intrigue guests and utilize that empty space under your shiny window.

It’s never poor timing to increase your quality of life. Naturalize your small spaces with these indoor garden ideas. You’ll captivate your guests and simply live better. For professional help to naturalize and greenify your spaces, call John Mini. We’re the indoor garden experts.

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