Set the romantic scene and combine business with pleasure.

NEW YORK, NY, March 11, 2020 /Neptune100/ — The Romantic Movement (late 18th to mid-19th c.) began in Europe while France was erupting into revolution. As ideas of liberation swept across the continent, a legion of eccentrics bathed themselves in the wonders of nature and drank from the wells of love.

Romantics loved winding trails, opposed strict symmetry, and overall saw nature as a liberating escape and force against the strict inertia of the status quo. Their passions won the hearts of the world and their biotic ideas wove in and out of international cultures and gardens.

NYC’s Central Park—with its cheeky nooks, soothing lakes, and wandering paths—is America’s most notable outdoor example, and John Mini gathers much of its inspiration from the Romantic era. Whether it’s providing a peaceful retreat in the middle of city mania, a French garden oasis, or a perennial rooftop garden escape, John Mini can set the romantic scene and combine business with pleasure.

Rooftop gardens
The best way to lose the frenetic tensions of the streets is to rise above them. Rooftop gardens and terraces bring romantic peace and sustainability to concrete jungles. They also can incorporate agriculture, reduce the heat of buildings, reduce stormwater runoff, create homes for wildlife, convert CO2, and oxygenate urban environments.

Peaceful retreats
The Romantics felt that outdoor landscapes should arrest passersby from hectic life and transport them to a realm of peace, reverie, and awe. In John Mini outdoor landscapes, perennial plantings bring native relaxation and seasonal plantings bring the best colors and vibes of all seasons into natural escapes.

French oases
Perhaps no culture expresses romance better than the French. Whether it’s in luxury or workaday spaces, the poetry they bring to language, food, life, and land remains unsurpassed. Incorporating existing structures and sometimes building anew, John Mini can create a French-inspired oasis in any area.

The Romantic Movement accentuated inner beauty and championed the organic over the strained, heart and instinct over mind and intelligence, sweet intimacy over the garish grandiosity of aristocratic trends. Bring the romance to your spaces with John Mini commercial landscape creations. Once you do, you’ll sing on high with Wordsworth, “Nature never did betray the heart that loved her…”

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