LabMeeting is predominantly a supplement review site. However, there is a strong emphasis on deep research and the on-site reviews are unusually informative.

CAYMAN ISLANDS, May 30, 2020 /Neptune100/ — has launched a new website for people who are interested in health and fitness and the science behind it but want it presented in a easy to understand manner.

The original website was aimed at the technical side of health with a higher emphasis on science.’s overall mission is to help researchers and health professionals work more efficiently. They offer researchers a web service to organize, collect, and share scientific papers and documents and store these online for quick retrieval.

Researchers read and search for health and science papers every day, take notes on them, and discuss and share them with their colleagues and their lab, office or work space. They want to improve this process.

Many researchers have tried it out. They have built a community on Labmeeting rich with their diverse health research interests and approaches from the scientific to the more holistic.

They appreciate all of the feedback and are continuing to improve the service. They come back frequently to keep tabs on new features on the Labmeeting Blog.

Who Uses

Some of them are computer engineers. Others are current and former (and future) life sciences graduate students. They think that improving the way that information is organized and retrieved in the life sciences will contribute greatly to research and development.

The ethos behind the new website is the promotion of good health in a more consumer friendly way by providing news and articles that consumers can relate to.

The site provides all the latest news, information and clinical references relating to health and fitness. All content is verified by trusted sources and full credit and citations given for original data publishers.

LabMeeting is maintained by a team of talented researchers, writers and reviewers who are unbiased and believe in telling it like it is and backing up the facts with data.

The new LabMeeting Health Website is geared towards all men and women who want to improve their health and wellbeing and be informed in an easy to understand way.

The new team is lead by Tony Stevens, a Canadian health writer who also edits and checks content ensuring it is factually correct and error free.

Mark Rainforth has a particular interest in sport science and has written countless articles expressing his views in the need for science in sport.

Steve Nidich is all about nutrition and has compiled documents based on food data and its importance to human health and wellbeing.

Kay Norris is a holistic health professional who has her feet firmly planted in nature and prefers natural remedies to those produce from scientific data. She gives a good balance and offers complimentary opposite views.

Together the team has a wealth of experience and complimenting ideas that will propel the new website into the mainstream.

Try out! Upload all your comments and views and see how they can help you organize your work.