Le Home Care, St. Louis MO, targeting home care, assisted living, and nursing home services with an advocate-agent approach that is free to the public.

ST. LOUIS, MO, June 07, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Le Home Care of St. Louis, MO has unveiled a business model that promises to vastly improve how people find senior care in Missouri. They are targeting home care, assisted living, and nursing home services with an advocate-agent approach that is free to the public. Could this be a model that becomes the norm throughout the country? According to president and founder Synthia Darker, the time has come.

“The problem,” explains Ms. Darker, “is two-fold. One, families beginning the journey of finding the right senior care have no idea how complex the field actually is. Two, gathering the real information that families need can be extremely time consuming. The end result is that families either invest hours upon hours duplicating the same research efforts other people have already done and working with multiple company reps, or they end up with services that are not the best fit for their needs.” Ms. Darker’s point is illustrated by the fact that within residential senior care facilities across Missouri, there are provider types such as personal care homes, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, residential care homes, etc. Each one may provide slightly different solutions for retirees and seniors. The same can be said of home care, which is less regulated in Missouri than in most other states.

Several online directory services have emerged to answer this need. However, those services have a number of limitations. High prices to the facilities result in only a minority of providers being fully displayed. Families still end up doing their own research. The facilities still tend to describe their services in broad terms, increasing the difficulty and time needed for families to truly differentiate the services.

In an age where industry disruption is often associated with information technology, Le Home Care plans to disrupt senior care with human experience and advocacy. In their new model, seniors or families work with a Le Home Care agent. Agents are all recruited based on insider experience with the industry and are often clinicians who have worked in senior care. People shopping for home care, assisted living, or nursing homes are interviewed by a Le Home Care agent or fill out a simple online form. Le Home Care stays in constant contact with the industry, so they can use their industry knowledge to quickly present options and prices to families, and explain the pros and cons of each option as it relates to the specific needs of the client. The model is akin to having a real estate agent help shop for a home.

Just like with the real estate model, the buyer never pays the agent. The seller does. If and when a senior initiates service with a senior care provider, the provider pays Le Home Care a portion of their normal marketing budget. “The model is a win–win,” states Darker. “The families get expertise, advocacy, and time-saving research for free. The service providers get to spend their marketing budgets on actual new clients instead of gambling it on advertising. We are finding that home care agencies, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities are hungry for this to work, as it will very much simplify a troublesome part of their operations.”

People who would like to read more about the senior care agent business model can visit Le Home Care at https://lhomecare.com/.