Millionaire Match has announced that they will blocked all the college-year women and men. Some sugar daddy websites allow the students to join in, which will not be allowed on Millionaire Match anymore.

LOS ANGELES, CA, June 30, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Millionaire Match, a high-quality dating site for rich, elite singles, is reaffirming its commitment to serve only this demographic worldwide. An online platform where top-tier professionals can meet, connect, date, and find serious, long-term relationships, Millionaire Match has taken aggressive action in recent months to block a flood of accounts made by college-aged students. In the first five months of 2020 alone, Millionaire Match observed an unprecedented 50 percent increase in college-aged account registrations when compared to the same period just last year.

Since 2001, Millionaire Match has been a place for members to connect with top-tier professionals like doctors, lawyers, celebrities, CEOs, and entrepreneurs. The company is committed to protecting this unique environment and online community, which millions of people trust each day to find mature, elite singes that are like-minded and seeking serious, long-term relationships.

To accomplish this mission, Millionaire Match is reaffirming its public commitment to continue blocking the accounts of college-aged students in 2020 and beyond. This systemic effort will help prevent the platform from being overridden by younger users who may convert the platform into a “sugar daddy” dating experience. By preserving the traditional experience, MillionaireMatch stays true to its mission for the millions of users who use the platform each day for a safe and private dating experience.

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Millionaire Match is a high-quality millionaire dating site for rich and elite singles. Voted “Best Website” by Forbes Magazine, Millionaire Match supports over 4.4 million users on its dating platform.

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