“A talented YouTuber, actor, model, and social media personality, Moe Zinkerbell continues to gain attention internationally by pushing boundaries in his YouTube videos and taking on new risks that create engaging creative content.”

7 January 2020 – Brooklyn, NY – Moe Zinkerbell, a talented social media personality and YouTuber, actor, and model, continues to attract a growing audience online for his creative style, engaging personality, and YouTube videos that push boundaries and take on high-risks.

Known for his prank videos, social experiments, and generosity, Moe Zinkerbell’s YouTube videos have garnered millions of views and have been shared widely across social media. Recent videos of Zinkerbell’s, including “Pretending To Be Ellen DeGeneres For A Day! (The Ellen Show)” and “Escaped Prisoners In NYC,” have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and showcase his unique personality and artistic style.

Requiring big risks and fast thinking, Zinkerbell’s videos push boundaries, keep viewers entertained, and generate discussions and publicity online. In 2020, Zinkerbell, a talented YouTuber, actor, model, and personality, will continue to gain attention internationally by pushing boundaries to create some of the most popular content on the YouTube platform.

Zinkerbell, who grew up in a family of 10, originally attended college to pursue a traditional career. But soon after, upon realizing a different path, he left school and chose to pursue a creative career that encompassed his love for acting, making people laugh, and taking big risks. Leaving behind an old crowd, Zinkerbell is now free to pursue his creative personality and style while enjoying life freely from day today.

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