Lainey Morse, Founder of the Goat Yoga phenomenon that spanned the globe in 2016, continues to license her brand to rural farms across the country.

MONROE, OR, March 23, 2021 /Neptune100/ — Lainey Morse launched Original Goat Yoga in 2016 and since then has licensed her brand to nearly twenty rural farms and households across the United States. The Original Goat brand licensing model is designed for people who just do not have time to do it all. It is also perfect for those that are not proficient in business, marketing or social media and just want to hold amazing events. Their brand automatically ties licensees into years of positive press, search engine optimization, and a respected brand. Her business idea started in Oregon in 21016 since then they estimate there are over five-hundred goat yoga businesses all over the world and a five-million-dollar industry.

The Original Goat Yoga closed for most of 2020 and are launching all locations in Spring of 2021. Lainey’s licensing opportunities include the Original Goat Yoga as well as new licensing offered to farms that do not want the yoga portion of the business and would just like to do the trademarked Goat Happy Hour Therapy events. They also offer The Goatel licensing which caters to those who are animal-lovers that can work from anywhere who need a change of scenery, a private space to work, study, create or just relax in our goat-themed office space or overnight rentals.

Original Goat brand has become a support service for farms nationwide, a mental health service for Corporate Health and Wellness events, a source of joy for ten’s of thousands of attendees, and a financial backstop for farms and rural households nationwide.

The Original Goat Yoga was launched in 2016 by Founder Lainey Morse. They currently have eight Goat Yoga locations and continue to license their brand across the USA. Goat Yoga is part yoga, part animal assisted therapy. Lainey and her Original Goat Yoga brand have been featured in countless media outlets including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal as well as appeared on CBS Sunday Morning For more information contact Lainey Morse. 888-992-GOAT (4628) or [email protected]