T.U.B.E TRAINING™️ offers a Flexible Solution for Individuals Looking to Move Their Workouts Outdoors

QUEENS, NY, July 14, 2020 /Neptune100/ — As fitness facilities focus their efforts on reopening safely and individuals look for supplementary ways to workout, professional fitness trainer Tre Fit hopes to help ease and entice the transition of working out outdoors or in small places with the launch of T.U.B.E TRAINING™️, the ultimate resistance band workout.

Outdoor workouts have become increasingly popular during the COVID-19 pandemic with many individuals seeking creative and engaging ways to continue working out while remaining safe. With the flexibility and portability that resistance bands offer, T.U.B.E TRAINING™️ allows individuals to develop more functional strength, and, lets the user change muscle emphasis on the fly. T.U.B.E TRAINING™️ incorporates snap proof tube resistance bands to traditional exercises (isolating muscles example bicep curls and chest press) and functional exercises (movement exercises example lunges and step-ups).

“I developed this program because I saw the benefits of adding tube resistance bands to your training program. T.U.B.E TRAINING™️ is for people who like to do traditional and functional exercise movements with tube resistance bands. You can work out indoors or outdoors with little space and get a great total body workout with the goal of making exercising convenient for everyone who wants to work out but doesn’t know where to start. This is a training program that people of all fitness levels can benefit from, so I wanted to share it. Sharing something that will add value to someone’s life means the world to me.” Tre Fit, Tre Fit NYC

T.U.B.E TRAINING™️ classes are held every Saturday at Brookville Park 149 Ave &, S Conduit Ave, Springfield Gardens, NY 11413. For morning information, please follow them on Instagram @tubetrainingnyc and @trefitnyc. To register for classes, please visit the website https://tubetrainingnyc.com/small-group-training/small-group-tube-training

Tre Fit is a certified NASM CPT/CES and precision nutrition coach. He is the founder and creator of T.U.B.E (The Ultimate Band Experience) training. Before developing T.U.B.E training, Tre Fit spent 3 years working at a big box gym in NYC where he realized that training clients inspired him to become more creative with his exercise programs so he focused on training clients with tube resistance bands during traditional and functional exercise movements. Tre Fit also competed in the 2014 NPC eastern’ s where he placed 3rd in his first show in men’s physique.