Pandemic pulls together like-minded altruists, across generations, to give-and-get, germ-free gratitude

PALO ALTO, CA, July 01, 2020 /Neptune100/ —, a free public forum for simply sharing gratitude, empowers Boomers and Zoomers (Gen Z) to give-and-get public recognition online. was founded to send public, digital “thank you” messages to long-lost college professors. Over time, aided by the display and search capabilities of Twitter, has become a general purpose “shout out” site enjoyed by Boomers AND Zoomers.

The seed for was planted during an alumni event at Menlo College in Atherton, CA. Frances Mann-Craik,’s founder, was struck by gratitude for the generous professors, administrators, and classmates who helped her develop her career. However, some 40-years after graduation, most of them were long gone, with no forwarding addresses.

Technology could help solve this problem. Frances combined energy with like-minded Silicon Valley entrepreneur and CTO, Sabrina Akhtar, to create “We wanted to create a platform that allows people to thank one another and is also public recognition. We do this by leveraging technology, to make someone’s day a little brighter by publicly thanking them.” Sabrina said.

The 2020 Pandemic created a unique opportunity for For the first time, Menlo College interns became available for remote summer internships. A talented marketing major, Kayla Rebozzi, joined the team for 10 weeks of Marketing Sprints. “It’s exciting to see an idea that was born at Menlo College, grow with the help of a Menlo College student,” Frances said. “Kayla brings a fresh, young perspective, from her Zoomer generation, to the team. Working with her, I realize how much our generations — the Boomers and Zoomers — have in common.” Check out our Boomers and Zoomers Blog to learn more.

“Being a part of the team is more than an internship, it’s more than a job experience,” Kayla said. “It has become a new way that I can continue to show gratitude and help others find gratitude in the process.”

About, located in the Silicon Valley, was founded by a team of big-hearted, high-tech pros to provide a social engagement platform for sharing gratitude. The website provides a simple, free way to share appreciation for “good deeds” in a public way, without any sign-up. Our goal is to showcase the benefits of gratitude — to both the giver and the receiver — and to help make the world a bit happier…one “thank you” at a time. Give it a try at