5 trendy tips to help you keep your summer outfits last a little longer

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND, September 15, 2019 /Neptune100/ — It’s that time of the year again when you don’t really want to let go of your shorts, tops and skirts quite yet, but at the same time want to put on a knitted sweater and enjoy a cup of tea with your favorite book. For those not wanting to give up on their summer wardrobe just yet – here is a guide to keep that style for just a little longer.

Tights – Don’t say bye bye to your summer skirts. Pair them with some sheer tights and when it gets even colder match them with some thicker wool tights. Flirty skirts with a pair of sneakers or lace up boots are a great everyday look. Put on your cosiest knitted sweater for a comfortable, yet fashionable everyday look.

Cardigan – Dress like it’s summer in your favorite t-shirt and shorts and just put a cardigan over your shoulders to keep you warm. Knitted cardigans complement any look and a great investment for a versatile outfit. Since the weather can be rather unpredictable this time of year a cardigan is a great option that can remain unbuttoned when it’s warm and buttoned when the weather turns a little more chilly.

Transition glasses – Or photochromatic as they are also called, change their shading depending on the light conditions. Instead of wearing your favorite sunglasses you can have a pair of prescription glasses and sunglasses, all in the same pair. You don’t have to worry about carrying around 2 different pairs of glasses. Find the frames you love and accentuate your look both indoor and outdoors. SmartBuyGlasses offer a wide range of trendy designer frames and also offer a discount code on transition lenses, valid throughout September.

Blazer – This years fashion must! Blazers in all colors and patterns are taking over. They complement any outfit and can as easily be matched with shorts and a strappy top as more elegant trousers and a blouse. Not to mention how great a more formal blazer looks on top of a dress. Roll up the sleeves and put a belt in the waist for an extra edgy look.

Accessories – Enhance your look by adding some warming accents. A knitted hat or scarf is both comfortable and keeps you from catching the flu. Transition your outfit by simply adding some accessories that then easily keeps you warm throughout the coldest seasons.