The latest Adidas Commercial Wins A 2020 American Advertising Award Beating Out Nike & Reebok

LOS ANGELES, CA, July 22, 2020 /Neptune100/ — New Adidas Commercial wins a 2020 American Advertising Award for its trailblazing ad concept by bringing poetry and marketing together. Directed by award winning director Tommy Talley, Echo Tango Creative and Bullpen Creative team up with world slam poetry champion Xero to create the latest Adidas ad titled “Heart.” The commercial follows NY Mets pitcher, Marcus Stroman, as he prepares for one of his toughest games with passion and heart. As Xero narrates this compelling video with spoken word, it is driven with motivation and displays the heart of the game.

It also showcases the two sides of Stroman as an amazing pitcher and as a young and talented black man. We follow him while he practices with strength and endurance and while he hangs out with friends. To endure the game, Stroman shows that a player must have heart while still having fun in life. This internal balance is needed for maintaining heart and breaking stereotypes. This ad beat out Nike, Reebok and other notable companies for this award.