Works through multiple scenarios wherein white Americans pursue ethnic cleansing against non-whites

NEW YORK, NY, December 19, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Abraham I Am, a project of Blue Sky Media, today released a video on YouTube on the sensitive but seldom analyzed subject of the potential for race war in the United States. Though the idea of “race war” is a frequent talking point for various groups in the US, few have truly explored what such a war might look like and assessed its implications for millions of Americans. The video takes on this challenging task, offering insights and commentary on a matter that might soon be more relevant than a lot of people want to admit.

“Preparing for the race war is exceptionally complicated,” warned the leader of Abraham I Am. “Do not be caught without a plan.” As he explains in a 13-minute-long address to the camera, the United States has experienced a bitter, violent divide between white and non-white Americans for centuries. However, as he relates, recent trends have deeply exacerbated the situation—to the point where tens of millions of white Americans view themselves as the only true Americans, to whom God promised this continent. And, with this point of view, these so-called “True Americans” view all non-whites as occupiers on “their” land.

“While it’s important to acknowledge that not all white people think this way, of course, most white people have the luxury of sitting out the potential ethnic cleansing of Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Jews and others whom these people see as illegitimate residents of the country.” As he added, if even a fraction of America’s 234 million whites joined what he calls the “The True American Army” or TTAA, there could be armed force of tens of millions lashing out against non-whites.

Abraham I Am lays out four scenarios for a race war in the United States. In one, the TTAA defeats an armed non-white force. In a second scenario, there is no opposing force, and the TTAA simply goes on a “seek and destroy” mission comprising mass shootings aimed at killing as many non-whites as possible. The other scenarios deal with similar dynamics, where non-whites, particularly African Americans, are vulnerable to genocidal violence with little means to defend themselves. And, as he asks throughout the video, “And then what…?”

The video asks a number of disturbing but unfortunately salient questions: where will 40 million Black Americans go if they have to leave the country? Who will take them? Will they get to keep their financial assets, or will they be stripped of their possessions? “And then what…?” the video asks over and over.

The goal of the video is to provoke thoughts and stimulate productive dialogues that enable non-whites to prepare themselves for a war that is closer to happening than most people would imagine.

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