20 years ago North American Free Trade Agreement was signed into law by Bill Clinton. Although it’s considered to be one of his first successes as the US president, all the NAFTA benefits came at a cost. And you don’t have to have a degree in economics to understand that this cost was paid by working and middle classes of member states. No arguments about how it made America the largest economy in the world or improved climate for businesses but it was people who had to deal with the negative impact, not the corporations. One major flaw of NAFTA is catastrophic job loss. Whole companies shut down and hundreds of thousands of people went broke.


You also can’t ignore the fact that all the environment issues were put aside to encourage competitiveness in farming business. In fact, that’s just not true. Mexican farmers just couldn’t compete because NAFTA guarantees appeared to be insufficient to protect their interests which finally led to massive deforestation. And above everything else Mexico didn’t benefit much from this free trade agreement. You’ve probably heard that joke: “Inside the NAFTA, Mexico learned how to make money… for other countries”. And this is the sad reality of poor decisions fueled by corporate greed.


Anyway, NAFTA criticism is a long story and stories are needed because they help new generations to avoid going down this road again. Today we have another Clinton as a presidential candidate. And what do we know about her except the fact that even the FBI is scared of her? The Clinton clan is a powerful structure that has enormous influence on almost every aspect of your life. Of course, CNN will never tell you that because Clintons hold it on a short leash but if you see through the facts that are constantly being compromised, silenced and ignored there will be no doubts she’s got her finger in almost every pie.


Only when she ‘served’ as the Secretary of State she created 15 public-private partnerships 25 companies contributed to. The funny part is it’s impossible to prove that donations are made in exchange for favors and all the contributors benefited from Clintons in this way or another. Besides it’s impossible to get busted when you’ve got all the Mainstream Media in your pocket. In other words, when you’re above the law you become the law. Oh, and if you are interested in Hillary’s aides’ tax returns it’s right there. As you can see to some people taxes don’t appear to be as inevitable as death.

Trans-Pacific Partnership made the same claims that NAFTA did over 20 years ago. If you see through the comparison you will find that these so called free trade agreements were being pushed almost identically. And now you have to ask yourself a question: “Will any of these people care about my interest?” And the answer is big fat “NO!”. Middle class in America is almost extinct. The main goal of such agreements is to stay hegemonic at the markets using common people as expandable material. Hillary Clinton doesn’t care about creating jobs or helping working people. She and her husband have business to do and it’s called the Clinton Foundation. So if you want to contribute with your lifetime and health she’s your president. Otherwise, it’s time to wake up and claim what’s yours.