ATLANTA, GA, May 28, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Allen Buckley, a fiscal conservative independent candidate in the special election race for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Kelly Loeffler, says President Trump has some good traits and some bad traits, and incumbent Kelly Loeffler and U.S. House member Doug Collins are “all in” on Mr. Trump to the detriment of Georgians and the U.S.

Like his two immediate predecessors in office, Mr. Trump’s record on financial matters is not good. For 2017, 2018 and 2019, the federal budget deficits were $665 billion, $779 billion and $984 billion, respectively. In none of these years was the U.S. in a recession (or worse). The federal budget for 2020 had called for $3.6 trillion of revenue and $4.7 trillion of spending. With the pandemic, instead of the deficit being $1.1 trillion, as of now it will be closer to $4 trillion. Total debt now exceeds $25 trillion. Like his predecessors, Mr. Trump’s administration was unprepared for a pandemic, even though our leaders had been warned of the risk for years. The nation is unprepared for a debt crisis, which we’ve been warned about for years.

Buckley said: “Kelly Loeffler and Doug Collins are ‘all in’ on President Trump, to the detriment of Georgians and the United States. They’re basically pro-Trump bookends. In my opinion, President Trump has some good traits and some bad traits. On the positive side, he has gotten tough with China, reduced regulation, enforced immigration laws and demanded more from our NATO allies. I also like the fact that he has appointed judges who have a conservative view of government power. The fact that Mr. Trump is not a hawk is a good thing. And, the new trade deal with Mexico and Canada is a positive. On the negative side, Mr. Trump is very irresponsible from a financial perspective. While the coronavirus is our largest immediate problem, the growing debt is our largest long-term problem. Trump doesn’t care about the environment. Leaving the Paris Accord was a mistake. While getting tough with China is good overall, tariffs are generally bad, as was taking our country out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Trump’s selfish personality hurts us in foreign affairs, as most people in other countries don’t like him, including their leaders. That fact makes getting things done internationally more difficult. He abused his power in the Ukraine matter. Mr. Trump’s administration was unprepared for the warned-of pandemic. If elected, unlike Ms. Loeffler and Mr. Collins, I would stand up to our president on matters that I disagree with him or her, and vote accordingly.”

Mr. Buckley’s “Save Tomorrow” campaign is about living for today and tomorrow, instead of living for today to the detriment of tomorrow. The focus is on doing things to make tomorrow as good as or even better than today, by acting now to address the nation’s financial challenges and confronting global warming in a practical way.

Mr. Buckley is an attorney/CPA. He can be reached for comment at (404) 610-1936. Mr. Buckley’s campaign website is