Washington, D.C. – Politxixcs, a civic and voter education initiative, has ignited a movement across the United States to increase bipartisan voter turnout in state and local elections. Understanding the importance of the American democratic process, Politxixcs is encouraging a new generation of civic engagement by encouraging everyone to register to vote and to exercise their constitutional rights at the ballot box.

Designing campaigns to initiate conversations on advocacy, political climates, and policies at the state and local level, Politxixcs is bridging the gap by reinforcing the impacts of previously unheard and underserved voices across the United States. Passionate about building strategic partnerships, communities, and constituencies behind state and local issues, Politxixcs serves as a mobilizing force that cultivates ideas and messages and stands ready to help local leaders, organizations, and grassroots movements elevate and amplify their voices today and tomorrow.

Launching nationwide ahead of the November 2020 election, Politxixcs is playing an integral role in connecting with the voices of voters across the United States. Cultivating change, Politxixcs maintains a robust online shop and apparel brand, through which it donates proceeds from its merchandise back to communities to empower people and stay involved. 

“Voting is your voice,” remarked Latifa Garrison, Founder of Politxixcs. “Speak up at the ballot, then advocate when they are elected. We are proud to be supporting a national movement to get voters engaged in the political process. Each day, we are growing the voting movement, amplifying voices in politics, and increasing voter engagement.”

About Politxixcs

Politxixcs is an African American-owned civic and voter education brand. Founded by Latifa Garrison, a former local campaign manager, multi-hyphenate entrepreneur, and NSBA Leadership Council Advisory Board member, Politxixcs is paving the way by leading a national movement that encourages everyone to make their voices heard. To learn more, please visit Politxixcs.us.

Media Contact
Company Name: Politxixcs
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Phone: (202) 743-2243
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