Global Engineering Firm Partnership to Distribute Bioionix Systems in Europe

MCFARLAND, WI, October 31, 2019 /Neptune100/ — Bioionix, Inc, ( is shipping its CXS Coaxial Disinfection System to Europe this October to support a large volume quality Mozzarella cheese manufacturer in Europe. The worldwide market for Mozzarella Cheese is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of roughly 5.3% over the next five years (360 Research Report). With the sustainability movement for the food industry, Bioionix is predicting tremendous growth in the distribution of its electrochemical systems globally. The Bioionix system is superior to other meat and cheese brine disinfection processes in eliminating microbial growth without adding any chemicals to the manufacturing operations.

The Bioionix disinfection system is ideal for the Mozzarella manufacturing process, which is a high moisture, large volume, fast production with high throughput. The Bioionix system is flexible and adjustable to create multiple disinfection breaks that actually makes the process more efficient at eliminating harmful pathogens in the brine solution. The process also increases the life of the brine, decreases and even eliminates unnecessary disposal.

The Bioionix CXS System not only supports the cheese making process to provide manufacturers with confidence in eliminating harmful bacteria, but also extends the shelf life. “We’re proud to be a part of helping the world’s leading companies operate safely and sustainably,” states John Van Arsdale, Director of Sales & Marketing, Bioionix. John continues, “Our customers see a significant reduction in yeast and mold issues on product and the production environment, particularly in the warmer months.”

Bioionix systems are already being used in a wide variety of challenging liquid disinfection applications, including cheese brine microbial control, meat processing brine chiller disinfection, poultry industry processed product pre-slicing microbial treatment, and egg processing. “With the CE Certification we have further solidified the quality of Bioionix systems and opened up a huge market in Europe,” says Ryan Karns, Engineer. With the global growth of mozzarella and 8.4% CAGR for cheese worldwide, Bioionix is expanding its Engineering team and partnerships significantly to keep innovating, developing smaller and more convenient installations, and maintaining integrity in customer care to support global expansion.

About Bioionix, Inc. – Bioionix, Inc., headquartered in McFarland, WI, USA, is a technology platform company that develops, manufactures and distributes proprietary electrolytic systems to eliminate pathogens and other microbials from water. In the area of seawater treatment, the company has developed a breakthrough for water microbial safety and reuse without chemicals which can affect taste, safety and quality. The Bioionix system uses specialized catalysts to directly disinfect water, brine and turbid processing liquids by generating a powerful combination of reactive oxygen and activated chlorine species directly from the liquid itself. These Bioionix SuperOxidants™ attack microbials by complementary methods of action, including direct DNA destruction, cytoplasm impairment, and cell wall disruption. Other SuperOxidants™ provide powerful residual disinfection throughout the processing systems.