TouchMD bridges the information gap between companies, medical providers, and medical patients.

CEDAR CITY, UT, December 03, 2019 /Neptune100/ — Being the first of its kind, TouchMD is becoming a medical industry phenomenon with its powerful ability to match medical providers with companies that offer medical products and services. TouchMD finally bridges the information gap between companies, medical providers, and medical patients.

“TouchMD is the solution for direct-to-patient marketing tastefully facilitated to patients by professional medical providers allowing patients to visually see, clearly understand, and freely accept treatment and care – all with an incredible experience!” Says Kary Smith, TouchMD Chief Executive Officer.

With its Preferred Vendor Program, pharmaceutical, manufacturer and service providers can easily place their product or service marketing material on the TouchMD platform. Medical providers using TouchMD are then able to download and use the marketing materials to illustrate, educate, and recommend to patients. Preferred Vendors have a TouchMD login wherein they can upload, manage and update their marketing materials which are then made available in real-time to practices using TouchMD.

“TouchMD is an amazing educational tool for patients. It captures a patient’s attention. We have actually tracked it and it has helped us with our conversion rates. It has also helped us integrate other technologies such as dermal fillers and laser.” Says Dr. Mark Pinsky, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

About TouchMD

With over 10 years’ experience and with thousands of medical practices as clients, TouchMD has successfully created a visual consultation, marketing and imaging software platform. Their touchscreen technology focuses on enhancing the patient experience with proven revenue generation for medical practices. TouchMD practices can customize their unique presentation to showcase all of their products and services to their patients. From the comfort of their own home patients are then able to login and relive their treatment and share their experience with friends and family. While logged into their account, patients can further review and choose additional products and services offered by their medical provider.

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