Round Rock, Texas – DivVerse LLC, a fast-growing offshore outsourcing augmentation platform, announces the expansion of its AI-powered talent management solution, Loubby AI. The strategic move aims to integrate African tech professionals into the international tech sector, further narrowing the gap between African developers and global opportunities.

Despite the significant unemployment rate in Africa, with over 42 million people jobless, the global IT outsourcing market, which was predicted to be valued at 92.5 billion USD in 2020, has created considerable opportunities. Moreover, the demand for software developers in the United States is expected to rise by 22% from 2020 to 2030.

In response to these trends, DivVerse’s platform has been instrumental in providing African tech talents access to international job opportunities. Through rigorous evaluation processes, the company ensures talents align with high standards before matching them with potential employers.

Loubby AI, DivVerse’s flagship AI-powered solution, has been a crucial factor in this process. Having already worked successfully with over 100 organizations worldwide, Loubby AI has managed the construction and oversight of remote software development teams.

With the expansion of Loubby AI’s reach to African tech talents and employers globally, DivVerse anticipates a larger integration of African tech professionals into the global stage. Loubby AI’s holistic platform provides self-serve hiring tools and fully managed talent services, simplifying the process for companies to discover, recruit, and manage top African tech talents, regardless of their location.

This strategic move by DivVerse extends its impact beyond merely connecting African tech talents and employers. By empowering African tech professionals and cultivating the local tech community, the company aids in the progression and development of Africa’s tech ecosystem. This inclusive approach stands to benefit both Africa and the international tech industry.

About DivVerse LLC:

DivVerse LLC is a respected offshore technology outsourcing augmentation platform, focused on Africa’s top 1% tech talent. The company excels in providing recruitment services to meet the software development and IT requirements of tech-enabled organizations, corporations, and small businesses globally, with an aim to build affordable and highly efficient offshore teams.

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