Ask health-related questions from specialized and experienced doctors from all over the world amid unfavorable conditions of Corona virus pandemic. Book your appointment with doctors and start online consultation hassle free.

LONDON, ENGLAND, May 21, 2020 /Neptune100/ — We are happy to announce the launch of “Doc Aid – Your Online Doctor” Hybrid Mobile App/Web Portal for Patients as well as Doctors.

Doc Aid is a British MNC (A service offered by Lam Aid Ltd, UK), connecting and promoting all Consultant Doctors, Doctors, Health Professionals, Clinics and Hospitals to serve the world at the crucial stage during the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic in more than 180 countries.

We launched the App/Portal and its Services on 26th March 2020, wherein umpteen numbers of World Class Experienced and Qualified Consultant Doctors, Doctors and Healthcare Professionals worldwide, are already registered with us.

Now our Consultant Doctors, Doctors and Healthcare Professionals are ready to serve the patients worldwide.

This app allows patients from all over the world to avail competitive healthcare assistance from the Renowned Doctors and Healthcare Professionals, globally. Major features of this online appointment booking platform include the following:

• Patients can book an online appointment with registered Healthcare Professionals and ask health related questions.
• The Doctors and Healthcare Professionals, registered with us are highly credible and authentic as we follow a stringent KYC Verification Process. After properly verifying their documents, credentials etc, they are registered with us.
• Patients can compare the Consultation fees among the Doctors of their choice and go for the best Service offered in lieu of the best Value.
• Doc Aid will be helpful in the quarantine regions where people are not allowed to come out of their homes and are at high risk of being exposed to Covid-19. During their self-quarantine period, Doc Aid app/portal provides ability to patients and doctors to conduct live online consultation from any location using Smartphone, Apple Phone or Computer. This App would definitely prove highly beneficial to our Senior Citizens who are highly susceptible to this infection.
• Doc Aid app also provides the ability to patients to access their health records online from anywhere at any time, compare OPD fee before making online appointment, and search doctor by using search option by specifying the necessary fields.

There are two options, for the patients, on this platform:
1. FREE Registration for Medical Practitioners, Organizations and Patients. This allows Online Live Consultations and Prescriptions on Doctors Regular Fees.
2. Subscription packages for Patients: That range from $15/month to $60/year. Being a patient, if you avail any of these subscription packages, you will get 10% DISCOUNT per APPOINTMENT/ Consultation.

Please do register today and avail this unique opportunity to get served, right at your doorstep. Doc Aid is an online appointment booking platform that provides the facility of online prescription and consultation to patients having symptoms of Covid-19 infection or patients suffering from any other health related disorder.

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Lam Aid Limited is a British Corporation based in London, United Kingdom and is born to be The King of Mobile Applications. Company is an expert in mobile and web technologies and creates exceptional, brand led digital experiences.

Agile methodology is used at Lam Aid limited for developing mobile apps and all the team members of this company work collaboratively for achieving the desired aim of the company in strategic manner.

Lam Aid Ltd has developed a wide variety of apps like messenger app, family chores distribution app, Multi vendor shopping app, city based search engine, online appointment booking apps with doctor, jewelers, dressmakers and salons.

It is launching Doc Aid Mobile apps and web portal to cater to the current needs of the world to help doctors to provide their services remotely.