The realms of Limsia brace for uncharted ventures as Shining Shadows Saga (S3CCG) Collectible Card Game announces its second Kickstarter campaign. After the inaugural success of the first Kickstarter in May 2021 and the game’s official release in January 2022, S3CCG now aims to elevate the gaming experience in the upcoming second Kickstarter, set to launch on July 3, 2023.

Shining Shadows Saga stands as an exemplary strategy-based trading card game, taking inspiration from the enchanting world of Japanese Role-Playing Games (JRPG). Monarchs harness ancient champions from the mystical lands of Limsia to pit them against each other in intense arena-like battles. The addition of S3CCG’s creative and groundbreaking elements and enriching narrative to the engaging experience of card games has garnered critical acclaim for its rich array of skills, spells, and strategic elements.

In this realm, guided by the sagacious Seer of Sanctuary, Azara, players wield actionable cards that recharge, fomenting relentless skirmishes to deplete the HP of their adversaries’ champions.

Ulysses R., the visionary behind Shining Shadows Saga, has crafted a living, evolving game. With monthly card releases, the game empowers Monarchs to develop a dynamic array of strategies and customizations. The proliferating pantheon of champions guarantees an ever-evolving tapestry of gameplay experiences.

Shining Shadows Saga has also been embraced by communities through its presence at various conventions including Phoenix Fan Fusion, Lexington Comic & Toy Convention, and Sac Gamers Expo. The burgeoning community further thrives with quarterly tournaments hosted on Discord, where champions rise and legacies are forged. 

Inviting players, enthusiasts, and local game shops, the Kickstarter campaign offers an entryway to a world brimming with enchantment. Exclusive cards and rewards await the valiant backers as Shining Shadows Saga continues its relentless surge in the trading card game cosmos.

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