The company’s leadership in modular LED product development takes center stage at the event

HONG KONG, October 25, 2019 /Neptune100/ — GRE Alpha Electronics, a growing force in the design and manufacture of LED powering solutions, announced it will be presenting a series of new products at the 2019 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn edition), October 27-30. Hosting exhibitors across the lighting spectrum, the fair is the biggest of its kind in Asia and definitely the place to be this fall.

GRE Alpha will be showcasing their line of modular and dimmable LED drivers at Booth ICON-015 in the prominent Hall of Aurora. Visitors will not only be warmly welcomed, but provided with hands-on demonstrations of GRE’s DMX Lighting Control Module, and DALI, BLE, Zigbee and EnOcean Dimming Modules.

According to Executive Director, Richard Fong, “This year we are focusing on meeting the growing demand for connected smart lighting solutions. We will be using our smart lighting control modules to simplify the process of integrating lighting systems with building management systems. That means our customers can look forward to another year of firsts, including our BLE 4 channel and our DMX CC module on display in Hong Kong for the very first time.”

Working with leading partners in the lighting field has enabled GRE Alpha to make even greater strides in LED powering solutions. Specially featured at the GRE booth will be two cutting edge lighting control modules that have been enhanced in multiple ways to provide more performance flexibility and meet specialized customer needs:

SLD-DIM-XG4 (BLE LED Dimming Module): The XG4 is the newest in a series of dimming modules that are completely wireless and utilize the latest in Bluetooth mesh enabling hassle-free lighting control with superior performance. Working within DALI, Zigbee and EnOcean protocols, the XG series empower OEMS to choose between several vendors in order to mix and match solutions. The XG4 and XG4-UL add greater control for color tuning and color changing applications. Uses include:

• Theme parks
• Stage lighting
• Color controls for decorating
• Architectural lighting
• Effects & contour lighting

ENO-DIM-CC (EnOcean Wireless Constant Current LED Dimming Module): The ENO-DIM-CC is a new version of GRE’S innovative ENO-DIM dimming module. While the ENO-DIM is constant voltage, the ENO-DIM-CC is constant current, which fills a critical need when constant power supplies work best, like working with high-powered LEDs. Both are available in three regional power supply versions: 902MHz in North America, 928MHz in Japan, and 868MHz in Europe and China. Applications include:

• Architectural lighting
• Effect and contour lighting
• Signage and strip lighting
• Swimming pools/fountain lighting

Also making its debut at the GRE Alpha booth will be the latest – constant current — configuration of their popular constant voltage SLD-DIM-DMX 4 LED dimming module. These dimming modules support high resolution RGBW color control and feature full integrations with DMX512-A (Digital Multiplex) protocol.

With customer service a top priority, GRE had the foresight to establish manufacturing facilities in multiple locations including Vietnam. Among other advantages, this location eliminates the trade war tariff for valued U.S. customers. Efforts like that, along with continued innovation in LED solutions will help ensure GRE Alpha remains at the forefront of LED powering.

About GRE Alpha

GRE Alpha® Electronics, Ltd. specializes in the design and manufacture of solid-state lighting power supplies and lighting control accessories, which are the lifeblood of indoor and outdoor LED lighting systems. Their superior performance products are the power behind LED lighting. GRE’s modular approach allows their dimming modules and drivers to be used either in conjunction with existing systems or with new setups.

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